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Isomer Nutrition: The New Cure to “Commoditization-itis”

Industry vet Sid Shastri helms evolutionary supplement company

LOS ANGELES, CA – Sid Shastri, a veteran product formulator in the dietary supplement industry, has announced the launch of Isomer Nutrition, LLC, a company he founded to provide “fresh, premium formulations that will earn customer loyalty from the first bottle” and which will lead the industry out of recent turbulence.

The current environment of the dietary supplement industry, according to Shastri, is one with several challenges. “The industry has experienced declining sales growth and a clear saturation in a particular segment (35% of the population purchases 80% of the supplements). This is exacerbated by extreme price pressures, which squeezes the retailers. In short, the industry is suffering from a chronic case of commoditization-itis.”

Shastri began his career as a health food store manager 18 years ago. He was inspired to launch Isomer Nutrition by his wife, and he hopes to inject more enthusiasm and innovation in dietary supplement formulations. Shastri added, “In September, I was offered a chance to work with a very interesting CoQ10 product. Also, the enthusiasm from raw material suppliers at the recent Supply Side West show demonstrated that manufacturers wanted to take part in creating truly exciting products. Serving as founder and CEO of Isomer Nutrition will allow me and my team to establish marquis products that will be a reliable source of health for people worldwide.”

The word “Isomer” means one of two or more different compounds that have the same number of elements and same molecular weight. “The inspiration for the name Isomer Nutrition comes from the understanding that the particular sequence and structural arrangement of elements in a compound can make all the difference in activity,” Shastri explains. “For example, glucose and fructose are structural isomers (comprised of the same atoms) but they behave very differently inside the body.”

Isomer Nutrition will introduce dietary supplements such as Ubiquinol (the antioxidant form of CoQ10), RiboSolve™, and OmegaSmart™. Shastri adds that Isomer Nutrition is seeking independent sales reps in regional markets.

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About Sid Shastri
Sid Shastri earned his degree in Exercise Physiology (Human Biodynamics) from U.C. Berkeley. In 2004, Shastri earned his Master’s of Science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Shastri has worked and consulted for nationally recognized companies and has written for various industry publications. He built his reputation as a formulator by always being on top of trends while insisting on scientific substantiation for ingredients; his part in breakthrough formulations and ingredient introductions have earned accolades such as the Nutrition Business Journal Business Achievement award and Frost and Sullivan award of Product Line Leadership.

To contact Isomer Nutrition, please call at (310) 402-1909, or email Shastri at Also, be sure to visit booth #923 at ExpoWest (March 9-11, 2007).

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