Jamieson unveils Slim Down(R) Hoodia supplement

TORONTO, Feb. 5 /CNW/ - Jamieson Laboratories, Canada's leading
manufacturer of natural health products, today introduced the latest addition
to its line of industry-leading weight loss products - Slim Down(R) Hoodia,
which provides natural satiety control to help reduce overall food intake and
the desire to over-eat.

A recent study has shown that users of the Slim Down Hoodia supplement
experienced an average weight loss of 3 lbs. in one week and reported a
decrease in cravings and hunger. Overtime, this reduction in overall caloric
intake contributes to weight loss and prevents the recurrence of weight gain.

Hoodia is a rare succulent plant, similar to cacti, indigenous in the
Kalahari Desert in South Africa. While there are more than twenty types of
Hoodia plants, the Hoodia gordonii species has been shown to have anti-obesity
effects. Traditionally, the Kalahari San bushmen used Hoodia during long treks
where food was scarce to ward off hunger and desire for food.

"The clinically proven active ingredient in this patented extract of
Hoodia is a steroidal glycoside called P57. This natural compound is thought
to act on the region of the brain that controls satiety, which reduces the
desire to eat and leads one to consume smaller amounts of food. It functions
without stimulating the central nervous system and has no adverse side
effects," explained Penny Kendall-Reed, Naturopathic Doctor, Urban Wellness
Clinic. "This simple plant may be one of the most effective and easy to use
tools in the battle against obesity."

In a two-week marketing study conducted by Dr. Kendall-Reed, the average
weight loss was 6 lbs but, most importantly, all participants reported a
significant decrease in food cravings and an increase in energy.

"Clinically I have seen the positive effects that Hoodia has on
individuals following a balanced regime of exercise and diet. This supplement
helps them to avoid eating in between meals and encourages them to continue
their program to permanent lifestyle changes rather than quick fix diets where
weight is likely to be regained," added Dr. Kendall-Reed.

Jamieson Slim Down Hoodia supplement is available at Canadian pharmacies
and retailers at a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $29.99.
Adults should take one capsule before breakfast and one capsule mid-afternoon
or as directed by a health care practitioner.

About Jamieson Laboratories

Established in 1922, Jamieson Laboratories is Canada's largest
manufacturer and distributor of advanced natural health care products.
Jamieson's state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratories are
located in Windsor, Ontario. The company is a world leader in the vitamin and
nutrition industry, exporting to over 45 countries including the USA, China,
Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore. For more information, please visit the
Jamieson Laboratories website at www.jamiesonvitamins.com or call 1 800

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