Kaneka Actively Expanding New-Generation Coenzyme Q10 into Japan, US & Europe

Kaneka Corp. will begin actual sale of reduced coenzyme Q10 in addition to its current sale of oxidized coenzyme Q10. The “Kaneka QH” supplement aimed at baby boomers, which has garnered substantial attention, went on sale in the US in 2006 after having proven its high level of safety through human and animal testing. Sales started in Japan last autumn and in some parts of Europe this year. The company will now begin actively expanding into the three markets of the US, Europe and Japan. The product was accepted by the FDA as an NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) in 2005. As reduced coenzyme Q10 easily oxidizes in air, the company had to develop a stabilization technique for the production process. Once it had successfully developed this stabilization technique, the company was then able to create the highly functional food ingredient for the product, which is useful in health maintenance for the middle aged and elderly.
The company made its start in the coenzyme Q10 industry 30 years ago, when it developed the only coenzyme Q10 in the world to be produced using a yeast fermentation process.

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