Kids are hip to healthy foods

Initiatives to stem the tide of childhood obesity and diabetes are bearing fruit:

  • In Stockholm, Sweden, schools that banned sweets, buns and soft drinks saw the number of overweight children drop by six percentage points in four years, according to research from the Karolinska Institute.
  • Cereal giant Kellogg Company announced that it would phase out advertising its products to children under age 12 unless the foods meet specific nutrition guidelines for calories, sugar, fat and sodium.
  • "This new generation of wellness consumers thinks that it's normal to eat organic vegetables, free-range eggs, grass-fed beef and drink hormone-free milk," said Harvey Hartman, founder, chairman and CEO of market research firm The Hartman Group in Bellevue, Washington. "Current teachings are evolving, in terms of how kids are spoken to through public-health messaging, schools and by parents at home. The repercussions for food marketers of an entire generation of children brought up during an evolution of food culture cannot be underestimated."
  • The issue of healthier school foodservice opportunities will be part of the Healthy Foods Conference, co-located with Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore later this month.

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