Kyodo Milk Industry Launches Fat-Free Plant Sterol Containing “Meito Shibo Zero Nyu Inryo”

On 29 September 2008, Kyodo Milk Industry Co., Ltd. will launch “Meito Shibo Zero Nyu Inryo (Meito Zero Fat Milk Beverage)” (1,000 ml/JPY 240). The product, launched as part of the Meito brand, is aimed at people who are watching their fat and cholesterol. This milk beverage is not solely for those who care about their fat and cholesterol, as it contains nutrients which will help people who suffer from calcium deficiency or metabolic syndrome, etc., and has been developed to serve an ever more health-conscious market. As it contains no fat or cholesterol, people can drink it every day in order to increase their intake of calcium, iron or vitamin D. The product contains plant-derived sterol.

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