Life Sciences Research Office (LSRO) Publishes monograph, The Role of Innovation and Technology in Meeting Individual Nutrition Needs, In Journal of Nutrition

BETHESDA, MD -- (February 15, 2010) – The Life Sciences Research Office (LSRO) today announced the publication of the proceedings of the workshop,“The Role of Innovation and Technology in Meeting Individual Nutrition Needs”, in the February, 2010 issue of the Journal of Nutrition. The workshop was co-organized by the National Center for Food Safety and Technology (NCFST) and the Food and Drug Administration and brought together individuals from academia, government, and industry to discuss the challenges confronting personalized nutrition and health and approaches to surmount these challenges using innovations in food and information technology, as well as to outline a research agenda for the recently developed Health Promoting Foods research platform at NCFST. The proceedings of the workshop were co-authored by Dr. Kara Lewis, LSRO, and Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman, NCFST.

About LSRO
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