Lipogen Offers PS Fortification for Dairy products

Lipogen, Ltd., Israel, launches its latest delivery system for its Lipogen PS phosphatidylserine functional ingredient at the IFT show, Chicago, July 29. The new system is designed for fortification of dairy milks and yogurt drinks. Lipogen also offers advanced Lipogen PS milk powder, a PS formulation that can be easily applied in dairy premixes, blending or other milk processing.

“As a leader in brain-health solutions for dietary supplements and food fortification, we developed various Lipogen PS formulations that allow manufacturers to create healthy, functional and cutting-edge products,” says David Rutenberg, CEO. “We help dairy producers enhance their brand lines with new healthy solutions to position their dairy products as innovative to the market.”

PS is naturally found in human breast milk and is essential for brain development and normal nerve functioning. Lipogen successfully developed its PS line of milk applications to utilize standard dairy production equipment and procedures. The inclusion of PS does not affect end-product taste, texture or mouthfeel. The new formulation is based on Lipogen PS which received affirmed GRAS status (FDA “no questions”) in 2006.

“This new delivery system for dairy-milk products is equally important for use in child nutrition programs in schools a significant part of efforts by governments and leading companies to provide healthier and functional nutrition to children,” explains Rutenberg. “This is one in a series of developments initiated by Lipogen in 2006 to create an important value-proposition for the U.S. and EU markets.”

PS (Phosphatidylserine) is natural phospholipid found in the membrane of the cells in the brain. It is considered as an important building block of the brain cells membranes and has been shown to have a role in slowing or even reversing some forms of age-related cognitive deteriorations, such as short-term memory and the capacity to learn new tasks.

Lipogen, a leading PS developer since 1992, focuses on natural mental-health solutions for dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages. Lipogen is the first ingredient company to develop a vegetable-derived source of PS. All Lipogen products are vegetarian and kosher-certified.

Visit us at the 2007 IFT show, booth no. 4063

For further information, please contact:
Lipogen Ltd.
David Rutenberg
Tel: +972 544 522 355
Fax : +972 3 548 0149
E-mail: [email protected]

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