LUNA(R) Launches First Organic Protein Bar for Women

BERKELEY, Calif., Mar 08, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- LUNA(R), the maker of the Whole Nutrition Bar for Women(R), introduces LUNA(R) Protein, the first high protein bar for women made with entirely natural and organic ingredients. It is an indulgent treat that satiates hunger and helps women more easily fit protein into their diet.

Protein is an essential part of women's diets however it continues to be an overlooked nutrient. In fact, according to a recent LUNA survey, nearly 50 percent of women said they are not sure if they are getting enough protein in their diets. Additional survey findings include:

-- 40 percent of women say it's difficult to find "portable protein."

-- 60 percent of women eat snacks only to "hold them over" between meals.

-- Only 5 percent of women currently look to protein as a snack even though protein is a great way to provide satiation between meals.

"A protein snack between meals curbs hunger, which helps women make more nutritious food choices by preventing high calorie and fat snack cravings," said Tara DelloIacono-Thies, R.D., in-house nutritionist for LUNA. "LUNA Protein is nutrient dense and allows women to get the nutrients they need while satisfying their hunger."

At just under 200 calories, LUNA Protein(R) is a nourishing and delicious snack that satisfies sweet cravings with a chocolate coating and nougat texture--the closest consistency to a candy bar that LUNA has ever offered. Additionally, it offers key vitamins and minerals essential to women's everyday needs, such as calcium, iron, folic acid and vitamin D.

"Women shouldn't have to struggle with finding portable protein sources when they're on-the-go," said Paula Connelly, LUNA Brand Director. "LUNA Protein offers women a convenient, portable, natural and delicious protein option to toss in their purse."

LUNA Protein comes in three indulgent flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookie Dough and Chocolate Cherry Almond.

Nutritional Benefits for LUNA Protein

-- 12 grams of soy/whey protein

-- Under 200 calories

-- Entirely natural and made with organic ingredients

-- Women-specific nutrition -- A good source of Vitamin D to support calcium absorption

-- High in folic acid and calcium

-- A good source of iron

-- Rich in antioxidants (Vitamins A, C and E)

-- 3 grams Fiber

-- Low glycemic

Product Pricing & Availability

LUNA Protein is now available at grocery and natural food retailers nationwide. It is also available online at with a suggested retail price of $1.39.

About Clif Bar & Company

Clif Bar & Company is a leading maker of nutritious, all-natural, organic foods and drinks, including CLIF(R) BAR energy bar, LUNA(R), The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women(R); and CLIF Kid(R), Nourishing Kids in Motion(R). Focused on sports nutrition and healthy snacks, the company is committed to sustaining its people, brands, business, community and planet. (

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