Market-Wise Nutrition Shifts Focus to Healthy Snacks for Kids

Long time industry sales and marketing leader Stephen Lukawski has announced that Market-Wise Nutrition has a new market focus marked by innovative strategic alliances.

“A couple of years ago, I was deeply affected by reports of childhood obesity, and it hit home when I realized I wanted to be part of this solution,” Lukawski said. “I began to leverage my long-term relationships with nutraceutical suppliers manufactures and growers that offered such versatile healthy science based ingredients as Omega-3 DHA/EPA, probiotics, Cran Max cranberry, and a novel fiber, protein and seed oil from sources such as chia, grape and other antioxidant-containing berries. I then went on the search for small specialty healthy snack bakers and food manufacturers.”

The result is a growing boutique line of nutraceutical-packed snacks under the Market-Wise Nutrition sales and marketing umbrella. “Not only are these snack and baked-goods manufacturers very pleased that they can offer something tasty and good for kids, suppliers are excited about tapping into this market as well,” Lukawski reported.

Among the nutra-infused gluten-free snacks available for retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada are: cereals/granola bars, breads, pizza and 100 percent real natural nutraceutical fruit snacks.

The new goal of Market-Wise Nutrition, summarized Lukawski, is “to bring together gluten-free food manufactures and suppliers of science-based nutritional food ingredients to help contribute to the health and well being of others. Market-Wise Nutrition is dedicated to helping fight the battle against diabetes and obesity among children by developing healthy food snacks that parents will have ultimate confidence in.”

Lukawski adds, “Food manufacturers need to find healthier ways to reduce the sugar, sodium and preservatives in snack foods. In addition we need to manufacture more wholesome and natural snack foods that offer more fiber and proteins and look for ways eliminate artificial flavors or food colorings that contain chemical excipients. In tandem, manufacturers and retailers alike need to encourage mothers to take a stand and voice their opinions and concerns that they want more health choices for their children.”

Market-Wise Nutrition not only coordinates the relationships between raw material suppliers, growers and niche-food manufacturers, but also serves as sales and marketing director for retail sales of the products. Lukawski additionally counsels food manufacturers and growers about how to find and take advantage of the opportunities of producing and marketing functional foods “that are mother approved,” he describes.

“My focus is to work with the supply chain and manufacturers that share my vision of wanting to make a positive contribution to public health. Because of my long-standing relationships with suppliers of science based ingredients I can now introduce new business opportunies to food manufacturers that will generate greater sales and create new jobs within the industry. It’s truly a win-win relationship for all parties – including parents who continue to seek better food choices for their families.”

About Market-Wise Nutrition
Headquartered in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, Market-Wise Nutrition is the exclusive Canadian distributor and marketing agent for Cranmax Cranberry and all bioshield products such as BilMax Bilberry, BlueMax Blueberry, ElderMax Elderberry, GrapeMax grape and other antioxidant fruit powders. Market-Wise Nutrition was founded by CEO and President Stephen Lukawski, who is a career sales and marketing executive in the nutritional supply field. The company now focuses strictly on building viable relationships between science-based nutraceutical suppliers growers and boutique food product manufacturers to offer healthier snack foods aimed for children and families throughout the United States and Canada.

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