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Marketplace jungle is growing thick with stevia leaf

SteviaStevia is getting almost as much press as the presidential election. Here is a timeline to keep you up-to-date and foretell what is to come for the sweet leaf that is sweeping the news

ZeviaOctober 2007
Zevia, a stevia-sweetened dietary-supplement beverage is released to grocery stores nationwide

PureViaMay 13
Whole Earth Sweetener (subsidiary of Merrisant) submits filing for self-affirmed GRAS status for Reb-A

May 20
Cargill submits filing for self-affirmed GRAS status for Truvia, Reb-A

July 1
Blue California announces it will complete self-affirmed GRAS status filing by August for its Reb-A ingredient

PureViaJuly 23
Pepsi-Cola and Whole Earth Sweetener announce a new Sobe-Life beverage, sweetened with PureVia, for Latin American markets

January 7, 2008
Pure Circle extends its agreement with Cargill to supply rebaudiside-A (Reb-A) until 2010

May 15
Food and Chemical Toxicology publishes online study on the safety of rebaudioside A for general use to sweeten foods and beverages

June 2
Wisdom Natural Brands releases first stevia tabletop brand for sale as a sweetener, not a dietary supplement

TruviaJuly 9
Cargill launches a tabletop sweetener in the Northeast and introduces New York City to the taste of Truvia with a lemonade and tea stand set up in a stevia greenhouse at Rockefeller Plaza

Still to come?When will Coca-Cola launch its own Reb-A beverage, and will the FDA bless stevia with GRAS status?

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