MyChelle Dermaceuticals Introduces Plant Stem Cell Bioactive Formulas

A leader in the natural skin care industry, MyChelleDermaceuticals continues to set the standard for effective, nontoxic skin care. MyChelle is the first natural skin care company to make a groundbreaking introduction of three advanced formulas with innovative Plant Stem Cell Technology: Apple Brightening Serum, Capillary Calming Serum and Fabulous Eye Cream.

“Three outstanding products gained increased effectiveness,” says Myra Michelle Eby, founder of MyChelle Dermaceuticals. “Stem Cells are the most important cells in the skin, and play a vital role in the aging and overall health of your skin. Finding natural sources of stem cells from plants and fruits changes the whole landscape of health and beauty. MyChelle is continually pioneering new frontiers in skin care and being the first in the natural market to introduce plant stem cell technology shows our dedication and passion for bioactive and effective skin care.”

Plant stem cells are assisting in treating skin problems, such as wrinkles, visible capillaries, and sun damage. Like all areas of the body, the skin contains stem cells. In the basal layer of the epidermis (the deepest layer of the outer surface of the skin); stem cells divide and replace lost or dying cells. They also repair the skin when it suffers injury. The epidermis is in a constant state of renewal – sloughing cells every single day – so it requires non-stop cell replacement. Therefore it’s essential that we optimize epidermal stem cell population throughout our lives, even as we age. Plant stem cells ability to renew and their high potency offer an increased level of effectiveness to the MyChelle Dermaceuticals line of skin care products.

Three new advanced formulas contain this incredible Plant Stem Cell technology, which is derived from different sources and to provide different bioactive attributes. Protecting the longevity of the skin stem cells, plant stem cells are a revolutionary break-through in skin care therapy and are completely safe to use.

Advanced Skin Care Products from MyChelle with Plant Stem Cell Advancement

Apple Brightening Serum is a powerful serum with PhytoCellTec™ Apple Fruit Stem Cells, Melanosatine®5, Algowhite® and Applephenon™, to effectively diminish

hyperpigmentation due to excessive sun exposure and age. The PhytoCellTec™ ingredient is shown to stimulate and protect human stem cells while reducing the depth of wrinkles through the promotion of skin regeneration. This plant stem cell is a key ingredient that can delay the biological aging mechanism.

Fabulous Eye Cream is an advanced eye cream formula now with Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells helping to reduce the visible signs of aging. The Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells provide outstanding antioxidant activity and inhibits collagenase, thus limiting collagen degradation and skin firmness loss. Also high in phytosterols, amino acids, and polysaccharides, the Fabulous Eye Cream is moisturizing and nutrient rich, which helps to rejuvenate and hydrate the delicate eye tissue. Research shows that when applied twice daily for 20 days there was a 15% wrinkle depth decrease.

Capillary Calming Serum is a bioactive skin calming serum that soothes and relieves skin discomfort with the power of cutting-edge Gotu Kola Plant Stem Cells. The particular stem cell culture efficiently inhibits hyaluronidase production, by up to 90-percent, to maintain healthy levels of skin hydration, tone, firmness and elasticity. Coupled with other incredible ingredients, this powerful formula also helps relieve redness, inflammation and irritability.

With the integration of a well researched, but not widely known, bioactive ingredient – Plant Stem Cells – MyChelle Dermaceuticals has made three highly effective products more advanced and focused. Plant Stem Cell technologies promise to offer advanced options to help women and men achieve glowing, healthy skin without the use of harsh, toxic ingredients.

About MyChelle Dermaceuticals

Founded in 2000 by Myra Michelle Eby, MyChelle Dermaceuticals is the leader in Educated Skin Care with the ultimate in bioactives, and a pioneer and leader in the creation of completely nontoxic products that incorporate cutting edge science. MyChelle Dermaceuticals offers a full line of highly effective cleansers, serums, treatments, toners, nourishing creams, sun protection, intensive treatments, mineral makeup and a line of men’s products. The line was developed for all skin types to balance, nourish and restore by supporting the skin’s immune system and structure function. The company searches the world over for unique plant based ingredients, pioneering a new generation of skin care that delights health-conscious, educated consumers. MyChelle Dermaceuticals is sold in natural products stores nationwide. Visit their website for more information at and become a fan on Facebook.

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