A natural anti-stress solution - Cyracos®, a traditional ingredient with science behind it

BERKEM (Gardonne - FRANCE) – The efficacy of Cyracos®, extracted from lemon balm, has been demonstrated in a double blind, placebo controlled clinical study. Only 15 days of supplementation reduces anxiety associated symptoms by 72%.

A real phenomenon of modern society, the number of people affected by stress has doubled in ten years in industrialized countries. Its definition is complex but stress is actually a biological response to physical or psychological aggression, which has daily- and long-term negative repercussions.

Various therapeutic treatments exist that aim to reduce the state of stress but they are known to have many side effects, particularly amnesia, daytime drowsiness and dependence. There is fortunately a natural alternative, thanks to the traditional use of plants reputed for their anxiolytic and calming benefits.

Known to be an aromatic plant traditionally used in European cooking, lemon balm has been used since antiquity to counter nervous disorders. Recent studies have demonstrated that a hydroalcoholic extract of lemon balm has a sedative neurotropic action and, today, the sedative and anti-stress properties of lemon balm leaves are well established and recognized by the scientific world.

Studies carried out on lemon balm did not shed any light on the chemical origin of the neurotropic action. The properties of the extract are thought to be due to a synergy between several constituents. Consequently, expertise in lemon balm extraction is essential to preserve all of the benefits of the extract.

On the basis of this data, Berkem, French polyphenols specialist since 1964 with extended know-how in new active ingredients, developed Cyracos®, a lemon balm extract aimed to reduce stress symptoms.
“We use a non-selective traditional process of extraction that holds to the virtues of the traditional method in order to preserve all the plant’s qualities and natural benefits” explained Benoit Lemaire, the Business Director of Berkem.

The sedative action of Cyracos® has been confirmed in a double blind placebo controlled clinical study carried out on 30 people showing symptoms of anxiety and suffering from sleep disturbances. Supplemented patients were administrated 600 mg of Cyracos® per day during 15 consecutive days. The duration of the supplementation is deliberately reduced to prove the short-term effectiveness of the extract.

19 parameters have been studied and grouped into three families as follow: signs of anxiety (agitation, nervous tension etc.), associated symptoms (emotional instability, mental confusion etc.) and insomnia.

The results revealed a significant decrease of stress after only 15 days of supplementation with Cyracos®:

  • 49% reduction of the state of anxiety,
  • 72% reduction of anxiety associated symptoms,
  • 39% decrease of insomnia, with a particular effect on the drowsiness phase.

Successfully launched in Europe, Cyracos® is currently the new active ingredient to relieve stress. Cyracos® is a food ingredient perfectly suited to dietary supplements, and could also achieve high success in a variety of foods, as well as beverages, chilled products, sweet and savory foods, among other products.

Come and visit us at Vitafoods 2007 (Geneva), stand#1147.

More information on Berkem: www.berkem.com

Press release contact: BERKEM
+33 (0)553.63.81.00
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