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Natural Health Supplements Provider Links Heavy-Metal Toxicity with Alzheimer's

According to the Alzheimer's Association, over 5 million Americans are afflicted with Alzheimer's disease.(1) While its cause is controversial, many people believe a correlation exists with toxin accumulation. Until recently, chelation, an invasive, drug-based toxin removal therapy, has been patients' primary option. Today, Alzheimer's patients have a natural treatment alternative with the introduction of Maxam Nutraceutics' ( PCA-Rx.

PCA-Rx is the result of years of rigorous research and development, and represents the next generation in chelation. This epigenetic, cell fermentation formula is comprised of helpful bacteria and other microbes that when used become a natural, living part of the body's immune system. When administered orally, one-to-eight sprays per day under the tongue, it envelops, neutralizes and removes the harmful toxins through stool, urine, skin and breath, without ever touching vital organs or tissue.

"PCA-Rx represents a breakthrough in toxin removal called Clathration," explained Maxam Nutraceutics President James Cole. "We're thrilled to provide Alzheimer's patients a natural toxin removal treatment that's easy-to-use, powerful and with no known side effects."

Dr. Jacobs, who's been treating an Alzheimer's patient for two years, described the patient's condition as completely non-verbal, unable to sit up or use her limbs, sleeping 22 hours a day, unable to ingest food or water and suffering from seizures due to other medications. "The family was told to prepare for death," he said.

"Since using PCA-Rx, she is now drinking eight glasses of water daily, and eating a healthy diet. She is seizure-free. She can sit up in her wheel chair and turn the pages of a magazine, showing real interest, reading and understanding. Words have now become crystal-clear and very well spoken. She can spend her waking hours with quality," says Dr. Jacobs.

"I will definitely recommend PCA-Rx to others. PCA-Rx has given this woman a quality of life that she never would have experienced again."

PCA-Rx helps to eliminate heavy metals, chemical toxins and harmful parasite microorganisms; reduce cardio and cerebral vascular plaque; lower elevated enzyme counts; and decrease environmental illness effects.

For more information, visit; or to schedule an interview with James Cole, contact Gillian Christie, ChristieCommunications ( or Renee Cooper (805) 962-1347,

*PCA Rx has not been evaluated by the FDA and not intended to diagnose

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