Natural Standard Named New Editor of the Journal of Dietary Supplements

Cambridge, MA – August 7, 2007 – Dr. Catherine Ulbricht, co-founder of the Natural Standard Research Collaboration, has assumed editorship of the Journal of Dietary Supplements, a resource for consumers and health professionals to take informed measures regarding their health.

The journal, previously entitled the Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional & Medical Foods, includes recurring articles such as, the Health Professional’s Corner, an Industry Spotlight, the Educator’s/Dietitian’s Corner, among others. The journal both provides and explains a wide array of information on varying herbs and supplements that are commonly used in personal health care.

Evidence-based information regarding dietary supplements is lacking, and the Journal of Dietary Supplements is unique in its discussion of clinical research in this area. Many patients and consumers use herbs and supplements but are not prompted to discuss their supplemental regimen with their physicians. This lack of communication can be linked to countless drug-supplement interactions that have resulted in both illness and death. The journal helps consumers to make better decisions regarding their supplemental intake, as well as promotes dialogue among health professionals and their patients.

The Journal of Dietary Supplements is greatly benefited by this new editorship, as the Natural Standard database can serve as an educational reference on the various herbs and supplements discussed. The peer-reviewed, clinical based information included in the database is relied upon by thousands of health professionals world-wide. To subscribe to the Journal of Dietary Supplements, visit and click on Products. Manuscripts should be submitted to [email protected] with JDS in the email subject line.

The Natural Standard Research Collaboration is an international, multidisciplinary research group founded by clinicians and researchers at Harvard Medical School and the University of California. Natural Standard provides high quality, evidence-based professional and consumer information about integrative therapies to institutions such as the National Institutes of Health, Harvard Medical School, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, and Mayo Clinic among many others. For more information, please visit


Dr. Catherine Ulbricht
245 First Street, 18th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
T: 617.444.8629
F: 617.444.8652
[email protected]

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