Naturex Introduces Cereboost™ for Brain Health

Naturex unveils Cereboost™, a new ingredient for brain health backed by science. In a recent clinical study, Cereboost™ demonstrated a significant positive impact on mental function. Cognitive health is set to become one of the hottest areas of the functional food, beverage and dietary supplement markets.

The study has been conducted by the Brain Science Institute (BSI) at Swinburne University in Melbourne (Australia). The subjects supplemented with Cereboost™ experienced significant improvement in the cognitive areas of working memory and alertness.

Cereboost™ is a patent pending extract of American Ginseng that is perfectly suited to be incorporated into foods, beverages and dietary supplements. Developed for its activity on cognitive performance, it has a specific profile of ginsenosides. These unique characteristics make Cereboost™ the ultimate ingredient for brain support, for people of all ages.

Naturex launches Cereboost™ during Supply Side West trade show currently held in Las Vegas (USA) and next week at Food Ingredients Europe, to be held in Frankfort (Germany).”

About Naturex:
Naturex manufactures and markets natural ingredients for the food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. Based in Avignon, the group employs 600 staff and over 90% of its sales are overseas. Naturex has production units in France, Morocco, the United States and Italy, and has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and China, as well as sales offices in Germany, Italy and Singapore.

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