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New Beauty-From-Within Product First to Measure Key Enzyme Related to Skin Health

FutureCeuticals, Inc. ( announces the development of Dermaval™, the first beauty-from-within product to report a measurable modulation of elastase in human subjects.

Elastase is an enzyme associated with the deterioration of elastin, a protein that is a vital part of elastic fibers in the skin. Initial study results show that Dermaval inhibits elastase by up to 10% in human subjects within two hours after ingestion.

The research was conducted using FutureCeuticals' proprietary TargeTest™ biotesting platform.

About Dermaval
Dermaval was created to fulfill a need in the beauty-from-within market for products based upon actual scientific support.

Currently, antioxidants are usually highlighted in many beauty-from-within products based upon the premise of their ability to fight free radicals. While antioxidants may have a certain amount of importance, there is little science supporting a direct association between ingestible antioxidants and any measurable changes of markers known to affect skin health. Additionally, new science suggests that antioxidants represent just a small piece of the beauty-from-within story.

Elastase inhibition provides more comprehensive, "measurable science" support for beauty-from-within products. Until Dermaval, no beauty-from-within product has been able to offer this type of testing result in human subjects.

Dermaval is an all-natural blend of individual fruit- and vegetable- powders that FutureCeuticals' researchers identified as elastase inhibitors during initial screenings. The final blend of these active ingredients was then tested for elastase inhibition.

Dermaval is available exclusively from FutureCeuticals. Product applications include: nutritional supplements, beauty-from-within beverages, and functional foods.

About Elastase:
Published research has identified elastase as a key enzyme responsible for the break-down of elastin, a protein that is a vital component of the elastic fibers in skin. When elastin begins to degenerate, the process of skin aging begins to accelerate.

The enzyme is so powerful that it can also break down other collagenous fibers, keratins and proteoglycans, important components of the skin matrix. Studies also suggest that elastase plays a role in the development of inflammation. Therefore, inhibition of elastase activity could be an excellent method for protection against skin aging.

FutureCeuticals, Inc. is a leader in the development of innovative, science-supported ingredients for the food and nutritional industries. For more information about the company's ingredients and technologies, visit or contact Kay Kapteyn at 815-472-6853 ext. 129 to schedule an interview. Photos are available upon request.

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