New Heart Health Formula Containing Enzymotec's CardiaBeat(TM),to Be Introduced by CountryLife

Country Life is launching TLC (Total Lipid Control) - a new heart formula, which contains Enzymotec's CardiaBeatTM as the main component. CardiaBeatTM is an innovative matrix which delivers plant sterols conjugated to omega 3 fatty acids, having combined impact on cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk reduction.

Both companies shall host the seminar,"Innovative ingredient for CVD risks reduction" given by Prof. Peter Jones, during the SupplyExpo, March 14, in Anaheim Ca.

Prof. Peter Jones is a world leader in the field of cholesterol, fat and energy metabolism. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed research articles and reviews in international journals and nutrition textbooks.

"We are very happy of the opportunity to work with Country life on this product, since it follows CardiaBeatTM's winning of last year's product award during the same event. TLC also follows a previous brain formula, which we have introduced together with Country life and presents the same concept of conjugating omega3 to a unique delivery system for gaining greater effect... " says Elzaphan Hotam, CEO of Enzymotec USA.

Enzymotec is a developer and manufacturer of innovative, lipid-based biofunctional ingredients for dietary supplements, functional foods, clinical nutrition and advanced infant nutrition

key product are: SharpPS™ line of products- phosphatidylserine based ingredients for cognitive improvement, InFat™ - structured fat for infant formulas , Krill Oil+ ™ and CardiaBeat™.

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