New ingredients & products

Four new cosmetics ingredients
Italian company Indena has created four new cosmetics ingredients: Esculo-side, Visnadine, Ferutinin and Ginkgo Biloba Terpenes Phytosome. According to the company, Esculo-side, extracted from horse chestnut branches, protects capillaries and preserves the integrity of perivascular tissue. Visnadine, extracted from Ammi visnaga, is endowed with skin blood perfusion-increasing properties and strong antiphosphodiesterase activity.

From Ferula hermonis, Ferutinin increases skin hydration, smoothness and elasticity, while reducing sebum production. And from Ginkgo biloba, Indena has extracted a fraction containing terpenoids such as bilobalide and ginkgo-lides, which are potent inhibitors of platelet-activating factor-mediated inflammatory response, making it ideal for sensitive skin facing allergens and pollutants.

+ 39 02 57496 1

High-content lutein beadlets
Pharmline has launched non-GMO modified starch-encapsulated beadlets that contain the free form of lutein. Hi-Fil Lutein Beadlets are highly bioavailable, the company says, and highly stable, with no less than 99 per cent lutein content after two years of storage. The beadlet is convenient for use in two-piece capsules, tablets or premixes. Pharmline?s lutein was tested by, which found the beadlets contained at least 100 per cent of the labelled amount of lutein and zeaxanthin.

+1 845 651 4443

Amaranth ingredients
Nu-World Amaranth?s new line of amaranth ingredients includes toasted amaranth bran flour, bread crumbs, pre-gel, starch, oil and puffed amaranth for food manufacturers looking to boost the nutritional profile of their formulations. Amaranth is a whole-grain source high in dietary fibre, calcium and iron, and has better balanced protein than most grains. It is gluten-free and available in organic or nonorganic forms.

+1 630 369 6819

Latino-targeted supplements line
Vitamin Branding Corp has launched Everlast Nutrition products specifically for the Latino market, containing Latino taste profiles and Spanish-language packaging. With eight SKUs, the line includes: Explosión Tropical, a carbonated, tropical fruit-flavoured beverage; three nutrition bars; and four vitamin supplements.

+1 212 564 4567

Gadot minerals
Aminerals line with enhanced absorption has been unveiled by Israel-based Gadot Biochemical Industries. Gadolin calcium is a highly soluble calcium citrate with natural fibre (fructant), which increases calcium solubility. TCC-VitD, a highly bioavailable calcium citrate, is combined with vitamin D3, which enhances calcium absorption by 30-80 per cent. The third product, Gadophit, combines calcium citrate and phosphorous for bone health, for use in soy milk and soy foods.

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Soy powders
Nutriant, a Kerry company, has created a line of smooth-textured, soy powders for beverages featuring 70-80 per cent protein. ISO powders can be used in soy milks, meal-replacement shakes and flavoured milk-type beverages. One powder is uniquely stable in acid-challenging systems like juice blends. They are also available in organic formulas.

+1 800 648 3503

Organic baby care
Jason Natural Products and Earth?s Best have partnered to introduce Earth?s Best Organic Baby Care by Jason, a 70 per cent organic baby care line free of mineral oils, petroleum, drying alcohols, PABA, isopropyl palmitate, laurel/laurethsulfates, aluminum chlorohydrates, and other known irritants and hazardous materials. In the new line are a shampoo and body wash; therapy crème containing calendula, beta glucan and oat oils; a diaper-relief ointment with aloe vera and vitamin E; and a chemical-free sunblock.

+1 310 838 7543, ext 102
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