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Formulation of plant sterols reaches the EU
Approval by the EU Commission is allowing Teriaka to bring its cholesterol-lowering ingredient, Diminicol, to EU countries. The ingredient, based on plant sterols in a unique microcrystalline structure, can be used in yoghurts, yellow fat spreads, cheeses and milk-based fruit drinks. Finland-based Teriaka is a member of the Paulig Group, a market leader in herbs and spices in Scandinavia.

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Proteins to enhance lean tissue
Proliant Health Ingredients has introduced a new protein ingredient packed with immunoglobulin and growth factors. NutraGammax is designed to reduce protein catabolism, speed recovery and build lean tissue, and can be added to a wide variety of protein products. Proliant has a US office in Iowa and a European office in Spain.

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Inhibiting arterial plaque
Israeli biotech company Enzymotec has developed a new heart health product, which has been shown in clinical studies to reduce total blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, inhibit the arterial plaque formation cascade, and reduce blood serum oxidation levels, the company says. Called ArteriCare, the supplement is part of the company?s MultOil platform, which is based on a variety of modified natural oils or fats and contains a uniquely active composition of phytosterol esters and diacylglycerol.

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Muscadine grapes make their debut
Paulk Vineyards in Georgia has introduced the first standardised ingredients and retail products from muscadine grapes. The grapes have been shown to contain one of the highest levels of total antioxidants and ellagic acid in the fruit family; research at the University of Georgia has shown they also have the highest phenolic content of all types of grapes. As an ingredient, the grape powder is sold in kilos and is suitable for supplements, nutritional bars, yoghurts, muffins and cosmeceuticals such as facial scrubs. Among the finished products are 600mg capsules from the grape seeds and Purple Power, a powdered mix from the grape skins that can be added to juices or smoothies.

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A boost of immunity
Finnish company Hankintatukku Oy has launched a supplement called Immunoglucan, designed to support immune function. It contains the active ingredient WGP Beta Glucan from Biopolymer Engineering. WGP Beta Glucan is a patented yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan that clinical and preclinical studies have shown to stimulate macrophages and neutrophils.
Biopolymer Engineering, based in Minnesota, is a biotechnology firm with more than 40 US patents and patents pending. Hankintatukku Oy is one of Finland?s largest supplements manufacturers.

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Mediterranean meal in a pill
A new supplement from the pulp of organic olives provides the antioxidant benefits of olive oil and the Mediterranean diet in a tablet, without the fat and calories, its maker, CreAgri, says. Olivenol with Hidrox (CreAgri?s raw material formulation of hydroxytyrosol) contains an olive polyphenol that has the highest level of free radical protection activity reported in a natural antioxidant compound, the company says. One tablet of Olivenol is equivalent to 4-6oz of extra-virgin olive oil. The hydroxytyrosol liquid is extracted from the juice of the olives under a patented process, which is then formulated into Hidrox. Hidrox is available as a powder, liquid and olive oil emulsion for use in food, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. It has a registered ORAC value of 27,000.

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Steaz drinks jump aboard diet wave
Professing to be the first lightly carbonated organically sweetened diet drink on the market, Diet Steaz has been launched by The Healthy Beverage Company in three flavours: black cherry, lemon lime and cola. All containing green tea, Diet Steaz is certified organic by Quality Assurance International, fortified with vitamins A and C, and sweetened with the Hawaiian stevia plant and 5g per serving of organic cane juice. Each 12oz bottle contains the health benefits found in a cup of brewed green tea, the Pennsylvania company says.

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Libido in a bottle
SourceOne Global Partners has become the first US supplements company to offer the herbal extract LJ100 Tongkat Ali, the Chicago company reports. It is being sold under the Source Naturals brand name Tongkat Ali Male Libido Tonic. The ingredient supplier is Florida-based HP Ingredients, (formerly Herbal Powers).
According to studies conducted at the University of Malaysia, LJ100 Tongkat Ali increases free testosterone index and sexual arousal, and works as an energizer to enhance endurance and stamina. The roots of the tongkat ali tree (Eurycoma longifolia jack) have been used for many years as an aphrodisiac tonic in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

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Evodiamine for weight loss
A new standardised extract of 10 per cent evodiamine has strong thermogenic properties, making it ideal for the promotion of weight loss and the stimulation of fat breakdown, its manufacturer says. Amax NutraSource, with offices in Oregon and California, obtains the extract from the dried fruit of wu zhu yu, or Evodia rutaecarpa.

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Herbal feminine wash
Using an ancient formula in Chinese medicine, Arbor International has introduced a feminine wash based on 12 herbs demonstrated to contain strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. Among the herbs in Herbistat are honeysuckle flower bud, gardenia fruit, cnidium fruit, cang zhu atractylodis rhizome and yin chen wormwood young shoot.
According to Arbor, the herbs are prepared in a gentle pH-balanced extraction, using only water, which provides a safe and gentle wash that is not harmful to naturally occurring vaginal flora. The formula has been used by millions of Chinese women for centuries, the Colorado- and China-based company says. Herbistat is sold in kits with 12 applications.

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Cardio-friendly bread with soy
UK bread-maker Allied Bakeries has launched a soy-enriched bread that claims to lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Launched under the company?s Burgen range, Cholessterol bread contains a patented soy composition called Abacor made by the Norwegian firm Nutri Pharma. It is a blend of soy protein, fibre and phospholipids, shown to be more than twice as effective at lowering cholesterol than the best commercially available soy protein, according to the manufacturer.

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Bacteria in a tablet
Atablet containing two probiotic cultures designed to maintain and restore intestinal microflora has been launched by Chr Hansen. Previously only available in capsule form, Probio-Tec AB-tab-4 contains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium in a protective tablet matrix that can survive passage through the stomach. The probiotics are not released until the tablet has reached the small intestine, the company says.

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