New Max Green Alchemy® Botanical Shower Gelée

San Francisco, California (February 5, 2007) Max Green Alchemy—the Pure Plant Origin™ personal care company—is growing its family of natural careproducts with the addition of Skin Rescue brand Shower Gelée. This newbody wash features eighteen active botanicals and soothing moisturizersthat deliver a luxurious in-shower experience without added parabens,sulfates or other ingredients that may dry skin, cause irritation or aggravateflare-ups.

Skin Rescue brand Shower Gelée draws upon herbs and essential oilsknown for their therapeutic properties to both calm and soothe inflamedskin: organic borage, burdock root, calendula, aloe vera gel and chickweed,plus pure essential oils of organic geranium, palma rosa and neroli (orangeblossom). Perfect for every body young and old, the Gelée makes luxuriouscreamy foam and has a unisex aroma that is both warm and invigorating.The new product joins Skin Rescue Cream which has a loyal following forproviding relief from common skin issues. “We’ve received so much positivefeedback from consumers who’ve used our Skin Rescue Cream to soothepsoriasis and eczema outbreaks. A gentle yet effective shower gel has beentheir #1 new product request,” says Dave Karlak, President of Max GreenAlchemy. “Common shower gels can strip the skin and cause dryness.

Our Shower Gelée pampers and protects the skin while removing dirt andbuildup.” The Shower Gelée is available in 8.8 fl oz bottles with a suggestedretail of $14. Professional sizes are available for spas and salons.Max Green Alchemy is passionate about products that respect consumers’internal and external environments without sacrificing effectiveness andwhich adhere to the comprehensive international standards for cruelty-freecosmetics. All products carry the PETA cruelty-free and vegan endorsement,plus the and certifications. Max Green Alchemyproducts can be found at select Whole Foods Markets, independent healthstores, salons, spas, naturopaths and online at

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