New Multi-Functional Pearl Pigment NOW available from S. Black Ltd

Timiron® BF-1001 silver white pearlescent pigment developed by Merck KGaA, is unlike any other of its kind. It is manufactured by the deposition of Ag2O onto the surface of a pigment and consists of mica, TiO2 and Ag2O.

Timiron® BF-1001 has been designed to create silky lustre effects in non-eye area colour cosmetics such as lipsticks and foundations. Additionally, the pearlescent pigment can be used in emulsions and surfactant based cosmetic products such as creams, lotions and gels. The distinctive features of Timiron® BF-1001 include:

Easy to formulate
Good stability
Good mechanical stability
Covers a wide microbiological spectrum (remove as this is covered below)
World-wide legal

Merck have also discovered that cosmetic formulations had much improved microbiological stability if they contained Timiron® BF-1001. Minimum Inhibition Concentration (MIC) values of Timiron® BF-1001 in an aqueous solution and in a wide range of finished cosmetic products showed extremely encouraging results.
It now may be possible to produce some cosmetic products without preservatives when using this pigment.

For more information, technical advice or to request a sample of this unique pearl pigment, please contact S. Black today.

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