New Product Launch Serenzo™, Anti-Stress Ingredient

Bio Serae introduces Serenzo™, a revolutionary ingredient for stress relief support, outcome of numerous research works.

Serenzo™ indeed helps to reduce stress symptoms and to improve mood, via a particular mechanistic. Thanks to its original properties, Serenzo™ helps to reduce the inflammation induced by stress and consequently contributes to slow down the vicious circle of stress and thus limits the stress response. Thanks to its well documented anti-stress properties, Serenzo™' offers a healthy alternative to preserve well-being and serenity.

Serenzo™ is a natural, safe and scientifically tested ingredient, which makes it the ideal ingredient to incorporate into dietary supplements designed for stress management.

Cacti-Nea™: Significant clinical results

The latest clinical study conducted on Cacti-Nea™ has confirmed the diuretic and weight management effect of this original prickly pear cactus fruit extract (Opuntia ficus-indica).

The 28-days clinical study was conducted on 49 women with normal BMI (between 20 and 25). The aim of this clinical study was to evaluate Cacti-Nea™’s diuretic effect at the dose of 2g/day, in women showing water retention. Very positive results were highlighted, confirming the benefits of this innovative ingredient:
- Cacti-Nea™ induces a positive effect on body composition by limiting fat mass gain.
- Cacti-Nea™ shows a significant reduction of water mass after one week of treatment.
- We observe a significant weight loss in the Cacti-Nea™ group.
- Contrary to other diuretic substances, Cacti-Nea™ does not show any side effect on blood pressure nor on mineral balance. No excessive mineral loss was observed.

Cacti-Nea™ is a natural cactus fruit extract, entirely soluble. It can easily be incorporated into dietary supplements or functional food and beverages for diuretic or weight management applications.

Cacti-Nea™ is now also available Organic (certified by Ecocert SAS).

Full-spectrum range of innovative actives

Since more than 25 years, Bio Serae Laboratories develops innovative active ingredients for the nutraceutical and food industries. All our ingredients are scientifically validated and offer natural alternatives for health applications, including weight management, cardio-vascular health, sports nutrition and joint health.

What’s more, and in order to meet the needs the industry, Bio Serae Laboratories is continuously extending its range of botanical extracts.

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