New Study Shows Immediate Beauty Enhancement from Red Microalgae Cosmetic Ingredient

Results of a new clinical study show that Alguard™, an all-natural cosmetic ingredient developed by Frutarom Ltd, provides immediate beauty enhancement when applied to skin. Alguard™ is known for its ability to provide long-term protection to skin, but this study is the first to demonstrate it can also offer skin enhancement immediately after the first usage. Following the encouraging results Frutarom has released a preservative free eco-certified version of Alguard.

In this study, by the Israeli Skin Research Institute, 10 women applied a small amount of Alguard™ on half of their faces compared to a control cream on the other half and were monitored for one hour in a controlled environment. A clear reduction in fine-line length and depth, as well as a 24% average reduction in skin roughness were observed. “What’s exciting about this study is that within an hour of using Alguard™, users see a change in the appearance of their skin, whereas it can take weeks for other cosmetic products to produce a noticeable change to skin appearance,” explains Anat Stern, MSc, Product Manager of Cosmetic Ingredients for Frutarom.

Alguard™ is derived from a polysaccharide surrounding red microalgae adapted to the extreme conditions of the ocean tidal zone. This polysaccharide is the survival secret of the red microalgae. It forms a protective layer, shielding the algae from harsh elements. Alguard™, forms a similar protective layer, or ‘active shield,’ when applied to the skin.

“AlguardTM acts as a triple-guard solution for a variety of cosmetic applications. First as an ‘insult guard’ directly protecting skin from irritants and oxidative damage; second as a ‘microguard,’ countering bacterial adhesion; and third, as a ‘sun guard’ to protect skin immune cells from UVB radiation. It is highly stable in a wide range of temperatures and pH and can be combined in almost any formulation," notes Stern.

“The world we live in is a constantly changing one – greenhouse effect, global warming and ozone holes have, unfortunately, become integral part of our lives,” says Laurent Leduc, VP USA Health Division of Frutarom USA. “As our environment can offer us less protection we are required to look for unique solutions to sustain the well-being and beauty of our skin and protect it from even more challenging environment.”

Alguard™ is produced by an all-natural physical purification process and is standardized according to its polysaccharide content. “The algae are cultivated in artificial sea water without exploiting nature’s depleting resources,” explains Leduc,. “So not only do we have an effective ingredient that bio-mimics nature’s secret for our benefit, but it is done so in an environmentally friendly way that appeals to the market trend for all-natural cosmetic products.”

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For further information, please contact
Laurent Leduc
VP US Health Division and US Marketing
Frutarom USA Inc
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: (952) 920-7700

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