New Web Site Serves as One-Stop Shop for Information about Cancer Prevention

Cypress Systems, Inc., with exclusive distributor Amax NutraSource, Inc. announces that it has launched, a new web site that serves as a one-stop shop for consumers looking for information about cancer prevention. While there is much information about cancer prevention on the Internet, the goal of this new site is to consolidate key content from numerous sources so that anyone interested in cancer prevention can get a solid overview in one web site.

Excellhealth4me features tips on diet, nutrition, exercise, cutting edge research and includes links to many resources. Cypress Systems, a leading manufacturer of a branded selenium ingredient given high marks in cancer prevention, recently launched the site as part of its continuing efforts to help fight cancer. Selenium is the only mineral to receive a “qualified” health claim from the FDA for its role in helping prevent a variety of cancers. And it is the only nutrient with a “qualified” health claim from the FDA with “anti-carcinogenic effects”. Cypress Systems’ SelenoExcell has received many accolades for its effectiveness in cancer prevention. It is the only certified 100 % organically bound high-selenium yeast standardized with the National Cancer Institute and is supported by a Clinical Trail Agreement with the Cancer Prevention Division of NCI.

“Excellhealth4me is an example of Cypress Systems’ ongoing mission to educate and support consumers with cutting edge information on cancer prevention,” says Paul Willis, CEO of Cypress Systems. “We’ve found from speaking with people that it’s hard to navigate through the sea of content on the Internet. This new site consolidates key data from scientific research, but also makes it comfortable and accessible for the average consumer with easy health, exercise and nutrition tips.”

Excellhealth4me is part of Cypress Systems’ messaging platform as the company prepares for an explosion of media attention surrounding the upcoming Warner Brothers feature film, The Informant. The movie, starring Matt Damon, chronicles Cypress’s COO, Dr. Mark Whitacre, a former top executive at a Fortune 500 company, in his amazing story as the highest level whistleblower in corporate U.S. history. Whitacre went undercover for the FBI wearing a wire everyday for almost three years which resulted in the largest price-fixing settlement to date. Recently the three FBI agents involved with the price-fixing case call him a national hero for his historic role. While the movie will focus on the drama surrounding the case in the mid-1990s, Whitacre is quick to say that his starring role in his current life is as “agent of change,” speaking to millions about cancer prevention and how nutrients like selenium can help in preventing chronic diseases such as cancer.

“I’ve learned how powerful it is to be able to give back,” says Whitacre. “My mission is to motivate as many people as possible help themselves live their daily lives with positive health, and Excellhealth4me is a way to help people develop a healthy life style “4me,” in other words, for themselves.”

"Cypress Systems' Excell Health 4 Me does an excellent job of demystifying cancer prevention and management," says Kantha Shelke, PhD, a health and wellness educator at Corvus Blue LLC, a Chicago- based food and nutrition think tank. "It clearly shows consumers that informed lifestyle and food choices can be a prescription for cancer prevention and health, and provides guidance about the simple and inexpensive choices they can make to reduce their chances of developing cancer. The website is a veritable gold standard for a ‘Do It Yourself” on cancer prevention and control. A 'must read' for anyone who eats and lives."

Cypress Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of premium food forms of organically bound minerals and nutritional yeast products, which are distributed throughout the global nutraceutical, functional food and animal nutrition markets. CEO/President Paul A. Willis founded Cypress Systems, Inc. in 1995 with the primary goal of developing a specialty fermentation, biotechnology and nutritional yeast company. For more information about the company, SelenoExcell®, our Branding Partners and how to become one, and the Excell Health Campaign, visit and

Amax NutraSource is an established industry leading raw material developer, manufacturer and distributor of “state of the art” botanical extracts and other nutritional supplements. Since 1996, our mission has been to provide the highest quality products at a great value with superior customer service to the nutraceutical, functional food and beverage, and cosmetic industries. All Amax NutraSource products are manufactured and delivered in conformance with cGMP standards including third party laboratory confirmation of identity, purity, strength and composition. For more information about the company please visit or call 800- 893-5306.

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