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Next Pharmaceuticals Announces New Delivery Form for Relora®

Carlsbad, CA – May 31, 2006 - Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NPI) announced today that a new delivery form, a microencapsulated concentrate is now available to the dietary supplement, beverage and functional food industries to incorporate the popular dietary supplement ingredient Relora® into bars, powders and other products. Relora® is the result of an extensive four-year worldwide effort by NPI to find a constituent in plants with anti-anxiety properties, but no significant sedative effects. Relora’s anti-anxiety benefits have been proven in a clinical trial and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the Federation of American Scientists for Experiential Biology.

“We’re very excited to provide Relora® in a new delivery form,” said Deanne Dolnick, M.S., Director of Sales for Next Pharmaceuticals. “As more and more people become aware of the wide-ranging effects of tension and anxiety, they will be searching for preventative options such as Relora®. Manufacturers of powders for drinks, including effervescent, and manufacturers of bars, cookies, etc. can now enhance their sales by adding Relora® to their products or developing new Relora®-based products.”

Tension and anxiety are reported to play a significant role in a wide variety of conditions and disease states. Relora® works on central nervous system receptors to decrease the response to stress without causing daytime sedation. Relora® contains a patented extract from Magnolia officinalis and is combined with a proprietary extract of Phellodendron amurense. Both species have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 1,500 years.

About Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a research and development company that markets its patented or patent-pending ingredients such as Relora®, Nexrutine®, Seditol® and Citri-Z® to food, beverage, and dietary supplement companies seeking differentiation and a marketing edge with their healthy living products.

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