Next Pharmaceuticals Announces Results of Relora(R) Open Label Study

SALINAS, Calif., Sep 04, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Next Pharmaceuticals announced today the results of an open label study on Relora, with 1291 participants who suffered from stress, sleeplessness and/or stress-related eating. The study was conducted at The LaValle Metabolic Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio with stunning results. Ninety-one percent (91%) of the subjects reported Relora helped them relax, while ninety percent (90%) reported Relora helped them have a restful sleep. Eighty-six percent (86%) reported Relora helped prevent stress-related eating.

"This study demonstrates that Relora can be a successful adjunct for individuals who experience stress and anxiety, or who turn to food when dealing with tension," said Charles Kosmont, CEO of Next Pharmaceuticals. "There are many methods to managing stress, and Dr. LaValle's clinical study supports the fact that Relora is a natural, safe and effective approach with no toxic side effects."

Relora consists of a patented blend of Magnolia bark extract and a proprietary blend of Phellodendron bark extract developed by Next Pharmaceuticals for the dietary supplement and functional food and beverage industries. Dr. James LaValle, author of Cracking the Metabolic Code, was the principal investigator of the study.

The subjects rated the efficacy of Relora on a 5-point scale. The product was considered effective for stress, restful sleep and stress-related eating if the subject rated the product 3 or higher. This study was developed as an open label, single center, clinical trial involving a minimum of five hundred (500) subjects with mild to moderate stress. Dr. LaValle, enrolled both male and female subjects in the study as appropriate from patients at his clinic.

About Next Pharmaceuticals:
Next Pharmaceuticals (NP) was founded with the purpose of developing new, patented, natural ingredients for healthy living products in the dietary supplement, food and beverage industries. The goal of the company is to expand self-care and preventative health maintenance. NP has successfully developed six plant extracts, both patented and proprietary, plus Chromulin(TM), a new form of the essential trace mineral chromium for potentiating insulin. These products have significantly expanded the choices for self-care products, while providing large consumer brands with powerful product differentiation. Through the application of pharmaceutical technologies to natural botanical materials, including citrus fruits, NP has developed Relora(R) for relaxation and stress-related appetite control, Seditol(R) for better quality of sleep, Nexrutine(R) for inflammation, Citri-Z(R) for heart health; Flavoxine(TM) for healthy cholesterol, and Citrofen(TM) for mobility and comfort.

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