Nippon Flour Mills Launches Two New Health Foods, including “Goryeo Kojin” Soft Capsules

Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd. will launch two new products, “Goryeo Kojin (Soft Capsule)” and “Amani Blend Yu (Flaxseed Blend Oil)”, on 1 November 2008. The “Goryeo Kojin (Soft Capsule)” product (JPY 9,975/one month’s supply of 180 tablets) has been positioned between the company’s entry-level and high-grade “Goryeo Kojin” series products, and has been developed as a step up for new consumers or a handy, portable product for higher level consumers. The soft capsules allow consumers to take Asian ginseng, without having to worry about its distinctively bitter taste or smell. The “Amani Blend Yu (Flaxseed Blend Oil)” product (JPY 1,890/270 g), on the other hand, is a blend of flaxseed oil, which contains α-Linolenic acid, and olive oil, which contains oleic acid. This blend therefore makes it possible to take nourishment to help combat lifestyle diseases, maintain good health, and achieve beautiful skin.

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