Nourish…Protect…Rebuild… with Dermalipid

Genuine Health introduces dermalipid (April 2010), the internal solution to North America’s number one skin complaint: dry skin.

According to the largest consumer skin care survey conducted in North America, BrandSpark International, 85% of adult women use an external moisturizer. dermalipid is a combination of plant ceramides, phospholipids, squalene and fatty Acids/GLA that nourish, protect and rebuild skin, moisturizing it from the inside out.

Research of interest:
• Japanese researchers showed in that oral plant ceramides improved hydration in the stratum corneum by 253% after 3 weeks (vs. placebo) in human volunteers!
• A recent report from the Satou Hospital in Osaka, Japan, suggests that oral administration of plant ceramides can turn down the dial on inflammatory chemicals in young children with chronic skin inflammation.
Miyanishi, et al. Allergy 2005;60:1454–1455. Kimata. Pediatr Dermatol. 2006 Jul-Aug;23(4):386-9

“Since oral ceramides can both lower inflammation and keep the skin well hydrated, they are one of the most exciting advances in the maintenance of youthful skin in recent years,” says Dr. Alan Logan, ND and author of Your Skin Younger (2010).

Skin Hydration 101:
• The outer layer of the skin - the epidermis - is the critical layer when it comes to the hydration of the skin.
• The second layer – the dermis – provides the structural support in the form of collagen and elastin.
• Inside the epidermis there is a band called the stratum corneum.
• The stratum corneum is essentially a wall made out of “bricks” (fibrous keratin) and “mortar” (specialized lipids).
• The state of hydration in human skin is only as good as the integrity of the Great Wall…and in particular, the integrity of the mortar/cement that lies between the bricks.
• The mortar is sensitive to damage – e.g. harsh chemicals, UV exposure cause release of lipids from the mortar and dehydration occurs.
• Among the lipids that make up the mortar/cement of the epidermal wall, there are specialized lipids including:
o Ceramides
o Squalene
o Phospholipids (e.g. phosphatidylserine)
o Fatty Acids, including essential fats found in borage oil

Ingredients in dermalipid:
Lipowheat Ceramides
• The ceramides are the main component of the mortar – they represent 35 to 40% of the intercellular cement that binds cells together.
• Synthetic ceramides have been a mainstay of mass marketed topical formulas for years. Only recently have natural ceramides become available.
• There are only a few sources of natural ceramides: wheat fibre, rice bran and konjac fibre.
• The main benefit of wheat is the combination of natural ceramides and Digalactosyl-Diglyceride (DGDG), another rare lipid and one which may protect other ceramides from breakdown.
• Levels of ceramides decline with age.
• Levels are lower during the winter months.
• Low levels of skin ceramides are, in turn, associated with dry and inflamed skin – low ceramide levels send signals to turn up skin inflammation!
• A reduction in skin ceramide levels is highly associated with the development of visible signs of aging through the aging process.
• UV exposure also releases ceramides from their home in the mortar of the stratum-corneum wall.
• Food grade, non GMO
• Non-allergenic: only lipids, no protein and GLUTEN-FREE according to Codex guidelines.

Proven efficacy: improved hydration of dry and very dry skin
Experimental background studies
3 human clinical studies, oral ingestion, double-blinded versus placebo

Borage Oil
• Source of essential fatty acids - gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)
• Supplementation pushes the production of dihomo-γ-linolenic acid (DGLA). DGLA increases the production of ceramides and phospholipids in the epidermal wall
• Contains natural triglycerides that become incorporated into the epidermal mortar
• Clinical studies show GLA to be very effective at improving skin hydration.
• Supplementation with GLA daily for 2 months increases hydration, decreases roughness, scaling and itchy skin.
• GLA is converted into an important compound called prostaglandin 1 (PG1).
• PG1 exhibits a potent anti-inflammatory effect in the skin…GLA helpful in dermatitis, psoriasis.
Kanehara, et al. Eur J Dermatol 2007

• Derived from olives, unique lipid makes up an important part of the mortar in the epidermal barrier.
• Hydrates and acts as an antioxidant in the skin.
• Experimental studies show squalene protects against skin cancer.
• Skin squalene declines with aging.
Huang, et al. Molecules 2009

Phosphatidylserine (PS)
• PS increases pro-collagen synthesis.
• PS inhibits the MMP enzymes that otherwise destroy collagen.
• PS slows the activity after UV exposure and also through the non-UV-induced aging of the skin.
Cho, et al. J Lipid Res 2008

• A significant portion of total body zinc is found in the skin, and lower zinc levels are associated with a number of skin conditions.
• This is not surprising as zinc is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient for the skin, and zinc is also involved in the metabolism of omega-3 fatty acids.
• Therefore demands for zinc are increased when inflammation or oxidative stress in the skin is apparent.
• The NHPD recently issued a zinc monograph allowing the claim “Helps to maintain healthy skin” with a minimum required adult dose of just 0.7mg daily.
Schwartz, et al. Dermatol Surg 2005

Regular consumption of dermalipid softgels will:
• Improve hydration of the skin = moist/dewy skin, regardless of season or age!
• Reduced roughness, scaling, redness, itching.
• Limit inflammation = reduced risk of skin conditions (e.g. psoriasis/acne) and aging process
• Results should be noticed within 21-28 days, the time it takes for the epidermis to turn over and renew itself.

About Genuine Health
Genuine Health is a Canadian-based company whose focus is their people, products and a passion for health. Its vision is to provide the most superior products for a healthier and happier life. Nothing makes the company prouder than to positively influence people’s lives with products they can trust. Genuine Health looks forward to an exciting future of helping more and more Canadians achieve the healthier, vibrant lives they are seeking – naturally.

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