Novel Ingredient Services & The Ingredient House form Strategic Alliance

Novel Ingredient Services and The Ingredient House announced today that they will form a strategic alliance within the food, beverage and dietary supplement markets. Over the last few years, these markets have seen an explosive demand growth for ingredients from low cost country sources. The objective by North American manufacturers to lower product costs can only be successful long term, if the quality and overall support services for these ingredients are secured, an area where Novel Ingredient Services and The Ingredient House excel and the basis for the partnership.

Novel Ingredient Services was established in 2001 and has developed a strong reputation in the dietary supplement market for delivering quality ingredients on time with a dedication to first class customer service. The company has significant expertise in sourcing from low cost country manufacturers with GMP facilities, and delivering value to it’s broad base of customers. The Ingredient House was formed in 2006 with an initial focus on high intensity and bulk sweeteners for the food and beverage sectors. Beyond these traditional ingredients the company has recognized the industry move towards, and the opportunities of, “better for you” and “nutritional enhanced” food and beverage products. Both Novel Ingredient Services and The Ingredient House see significant opportunities to leverage their sourcing and customer contact network to capture and participate in these new developments.

Commenting on the strategic alliance, Bob Green, Founder of Novel, said “Our focus is to build these two business operations simultaneously by offering quality in everything we do to both markets. It is an exciting opportunity to broaden our reach”. Graham Hall, CEO of The Ingredient House commented, “This partnership will allow us to market a broader range of ingredients within the food and beverage markets that so many manufacturers look to include. Novel has been marketing these nutritional ingredients for years and as such is a strong partner for broadening our product offering to our combined customer base”. Both companies are excited about the strategic alliance and the additional levels of service and support it will allow each company to bring to its customer base and the market place.

For more information please contact:

Rudi van Mol
Novel Ingredient Services
West Caldwell, NJ 07006
(609) 279-0170
[email protected]

About Novel Ingredient Services (

Novel Ingredient Services was formed in 2001 by David and Bob Green, two seasoned industry executives from the Dietary Supplements Market. The company has become a preferred supplier of Fruit Extracts, Botanicals, and Nutraceutical raw materials for consumer products in the Dietary Supplement and Functional Food industries. The company’s dedication to providing optimal value, consistent satisfaction and uncompromised customer-confidence has helped it develop a reputation for superior quality and service. The company maintains two offices with distribution warehouses on either coast and a team of sales people across the country to service clients on a national basis.

About TIH (

The Ingredient House was formed in 2006 by a select group of senior industry professionals from the Food Industry with 40 years of experience in the High Intensity Sweetener market. Their knowledge base spans all popular HIS offered in the North American market, including Aspartame, Acesulfame-K, Neotame, Saccharine, and Sucralose. These executives formed TIH to blend Western sales, technical and marketing support with low-cost country manufacturing and supply capabilities. The company offers a select range of high-quality ingredients produced primarily in China to the North American Food and Beverage Industry, as well as various international markets.

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