The Nutra Industry Benefits From Fuji's Excipient Technology

Fuji Health Science, Inc. has extended its unique and highly functional excipients, F-Melt and Fujicalin, to the dietary supplement industry. As a longtime supplier of excipients to the pharmaceutical industry, Fuji Chemical Industry of Japan, (Fuji Health Science's parent company) has been producing functional excipients with applications that go beyond the traditional concept of a non-active filler or binder.

In the early 1950s, Fuji Chemical developed a proprietary technology which takes an otherwise impervious material and renders it a highly porous, honeycombed spherical particle that has numerous benefits for the tablet formulator as well as marketing and ultimately the consumer. This technology can also be used for a mixture of components to target more specific applications.

What does this mean to the tablet formulator? For starters, it could be a way to successfully carry an oily active into a tablet formulation; improve tablet hardness; achieve more rapid disintegration; enhance flow; control moisture and more.

For the marketer it could mean the opportunity to achieve a delivery form never before possible; to differentiate a product or develop a line extension; to better target the point of delivery for a supplement; to facilitate increased bioavailability and more.

The star of these two excipients is clearly the product F-Melt. This material is directly compressible and designed for oral disintegrating tablet (ODT) technology. Tablets produced with F-Melt will disintegrate in the mouth within as little as 20 seconds and have an excellent mouth feel. This provides the opportunity for an "On-The-Go" delivery form that could be taken without the need for something to drink. CoQ10 and B12 are excellent candidates for this technology as are many other supplements. In addition to fast oral disintegration, F-Melt can be used to improve the performance and mouth feel of chewable and sublingual tablets.

Joseph Kuncewitch, National Sales Manager for Fuji said, "The greatest excitement of F-Melt is that it provides the industry with the opportunity of matching a product to the active lifestyle of today's mobile consumer."

Fuji will be featuring F-Melt at the 2009 Supply Side West trade show in Las Vegas with prototype F-Melt tablets available to try…. "on the go".

The other excipient that Fuji has recently made available to the nutra industry is Fujicalin which is a directly compressible form of dicalcium phosphate anhydrous (DCPA). Fujicalin is a very porous and spherical material with performance that goes beyond any traditional DCPA. Known for years as a problem solver, Fujicalin will enhance tablet hardness, disintegration and flowability but is best known for its ability to carry an oil active into a formulation as a dry and compressible powder.

Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a Japanese pharmaceutical company that has been in business for 63 years and has a 50 year history of designing and producing specialized and functional excipients with unique properties. Fuji Chemical Industry is also the maker of AstaREAL®, the premium natural astaxanthin, with facilities in Hawaii, Sweden and Japan.

For information contact Fuji Health Science at 877 FUJI 777 or email at [email protected]

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