Océanova Teams Up With Nutra Bridge to Promote Its Nutraceutical Ingredients in the United States

Les Biotechnologies Océanova Inc., is pleased to announce that Mr. Scott Steil from Nutra Bridge will be responsible for promoting Océanova’s nutritional ingredients in the United States. Mr. Steil is a high-caliber sales representative who has a solid expertise in promoting nutritional ingredients. He has held several management positions in companies operating in the health and well-being sector. His experience and knowledge of the market will be an added value to Océanova’s marketing efforts to introduce innoVactiv’s ingredients in the retail market.

About Nutra Bridge
Nutra Bridge, launched in June 2008, connects ingredient suppliers to marketers of foods and dietary supplements. The company’s mission is to represent innovative, branded, and patented ingredients that are backed by world-class science supporting efficacy and safety. “Our key focus is on adding value to the supply chain by finding and helping develop unique ingredients and then offering them to marketing companies that truly value and require a strong scientific backbone for new product development” says Scott Steil, President of Nutra Bridge. The exclusive product portfolio of Nutra Bridge includes: InSea2TM (blood glucose support), PeptiBalTM (gut health and world’s first A-biotic), AuroraBlueTM (wild Alaskan blueberry), MicroLactin® (joint health/sports recovery) and 7-Keto® (weight loss). For more information on Nutra Bridge, please send email inquires to [email protected].

About innoVactiv™
innoVactiv™ is a new commercial entity that was created to promote Océanova’s active ingredients. innoVactiv™ wishes to improve the quality of life of the 21st century population living under a stressful environment by developing and offering to the nutraceutical and cosmetic industries innovative raw materials whose efficacy and safety have been scientifically demonstrated.

About Océanova
Les Biotechnologies Océanova Inc. is specialized in research and development. The head office is in Rimouski, Canada. The mission of Océanova is to identify, develop, manufacture and commercialize active ingredients derived mainly from natural ecologically sustainable biomasses in order to offer to the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical markets innovative ingredients of superior quality. In order to pursue its dynamic growth and to strategically position itself on the constantly evolving markets around the world, Océanova does not only rely on partnership agreements established all around the world; it has strong research and development activities and also signs co-development and licensing agreements. It also aims at acquiring advanced technologies and innovative companies.

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