Optihealth Inc. Re-Formulates its Menopause Formula Adding GeniVida™

Optihealth Inc. a manufacturer of premium, research-based formulations that contain branded ingredients in all its products, is pleased to announce the re-formulation and re-launch of its Menopause Formula, now called Menopause Ultra, which includes GeniVida™ from DSM Nutritional Products Inc.

“Our Menopause Formula was always well received among consumers and health professionals” – commented Jorge Romero, President of Optihealth Inc. “After all, the product is the combination of six supplements into one, eliminating the lengthy and costly process of trials with different supplements, dosage, unknown manufacturing process and ingredients of untraceable origins with hit or miss results. But we needed to go one step further,” he continued. “The inclusion of GeniVida™ (98% pure genistein) provides many health benefits for consumers and has been clinically shown to reduce the frequency of hot flashes and night sweats. Genistein has been linked to the reduction of memory loss, lack of concentration and mood swings as well as helping to maintain bone and cardiovascular health; two major long-term concerns for women at this stage. Menopause Ultra is a complete supplement rich in isoflavones in just one capsule per day!” He concluded.

"We are very excited that Optihealth Inc has added our GeniVida™ ingredient to its formulation,” commented Robert Berman, Marketing Manager at DSM Nutritional Products Inc. "GeniVida™ is a specially developed brand of genistein with multiple benefits. Clinical studies show that genistein helps maintain bone mineral density and a healthy cardiovascular system function during and after menopause. GeniVida™ has been shown to reduce the number of hot flashes and night sweats on a daily basis in women in menopause. That’s so important to a woman’s quality of life.”

About Optihealth Inc.

At Optihealth Inc we are committed to provide branded, patented, quality ingredients in all our products and exceptional service to our customers. Our uncompromising standards in quality control and manufacturing have allowed us to develop groundbreaking products and long-term relationships with all our distributors and suppliers. Through our business practices, we enhance the success of our customers in reaching their goals, satisfy our stakeholders and act as responsible citizens in our communities.
For more information, please contact us at:
101 Queensway West. Suite 302
Mississauga, ON
CA Canada, L5R 2A6
Phone: 905-949-6784
Fax: 905-949-9892.
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.optihealthinc.com

About DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.

DSM Nutritional Products, Inc is the world’s premier ingredient supplier to dietary supplement manufacturers. The organization has an international network of technical service, production and distribution facilities, as well as a major sales and marketing presence, in more than 100 countries. In addition to its vast ingredient portfolio, DSM provides unparalleled processing and manufacturing expertise in developing innovative formulations that provide optimum performance and health appeal.
For more information, please contact:
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.,
45 Waterview Boulevard, Parsippany, NJ, 07054-1298.
Phone: 1-800-526-0189.
Website: www.unlimitednutrition-na.dsm.com

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