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Pharmacists receive supplemental education

US pharmacists are being encouraged to further their food supplements education via a programme backed by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN).

The Washington DC-based industry group is funding the publication of introductory material for online and print supplements courses in a popular pharmacy trade magazine that has a circulation of 88,000 as well as in two live webinars that will air in late February.

The magazine, Drug Store News Pharmacy Practice, will market the programme to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy schools via promotional emails, postcards and advertisements placed in the publication. The material will also remain on the magazine's website for three years.

?Forty per cent of consumers say they trust pharmacists as a reliable source of information on supplements, second only to doctors,? said CRN's vice president of communications, Judy Blatman. ?It's important that we help ensure pharmacists have appropriate education options when it comes to learning about our industry and its products. We selected Drug Store News Pharmacy Practice as the accredited education provider because of their long-term expertise in providing pharmacists with practical continuing education programs.?

The first home study lesson, ?The Regulation of Dietary Supplements,? will be presented by industry consultant Annette Dickinson, Ph.D.

Topics will include:

  • Food supplements regulations and how they affect pharmacists.
  • Implications of Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and Adverse Event Reporting (AER) regulations for pharmacists.

The second installment will focus on science-based issues.

?Pharmacists are on the front lines when it comes to talking to consumers about their health decisions, so it is important that they are well-informed and well-educated,? said programme director Kimberly Werner. ?We are pleased CRN is supporting the important role pharmacists play in communicating with consumers.?

Register for the webinar at

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