Pro-Pointer Launches Joint-Health Supplement

Pro-Pointer, Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiary Coenzyme A Technologies, Inc. is very pleased to announce its latest proprietary development the HEALTHY JOINT IMAGE T.M. "MODULATOR MATRIX IV" -- a revolutionary nutraceutical formula that especially addresses the symptoms of Arthritis and the painful and inflammatory conditions associated with stress and sports injuries to joints and connective tissues.

Arthritis sufferers include men and women, children and adults. Nearly 40-million persons are currently afflicted by Arthritis in the U.S. alone, including over a quarter of a million children. This represents an annual Twenty Billion Dollar Industry on Prescription drugs including the Over the Counter ( NSAIDs) that are taken daily by consumers suffering from pain and the different forms of inflammatory conditions. These drugs while effective carry the burden of heavy warnings and side effects. These side effects include damage to the Cardiovascular system, Gastrointestinal bleeding, and Toxicity to both the Liver and the Kidneys. Due to these facts consumers are constantly seeking natural alternatives in order to manage their specific pain and inflammatory conditions.

The world Nutraceutical market which is expected to top $15 Billion this year has enjoyed double-digit growth over the last few years and is expected to continue. Growth is believed to be driven by new product introduction and the promotion of health consciousness and consumer awareness amongst the U.S. population.

"The HEALTHY JOINT IMAGE T.M. represents a new Nutraceutical development like no other on the market today," stated Nickolaos D. Skouras, Ph.D., President of Coenzyme A Technologies, Inc. "Unlike other natural alternative supplements that mimic the effects of prescription drugs (Cox-2 Inhibitors) our proprietary formula while effective in naturally reducing pain and inflammation also helps to rebuild the stomach lining that by now has been extensively damaged by the use of the above popular commercial products."

Pro-Pointer, Inc. plans to penetrate this market and to satisfy the ever growing consumer demand by continuing to develop new and innovative nutraceutical products, promoting them within their existing distribution channels, and implementing magazine advertising and aggressive world-wide internet marketing campaigns.

Given the above statistics and the ever rising demand for products that are effective in naturally addressing and correcting the symptoms of Arthritis and inflammatory conditions the HEALTHY JOINT IMAGE development represents a market value well exceeding the five million dollar annual revenues.


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