Rainbow Light Expands Vitamin Angels' Platinum Partnership to Include Kids' One(TM) MultiStars Chewable Multivitamin/Mineral in Donation Program

Rainbow Light(R) Nutritional Systems, a leader in natural nutrition for over 27 years, has extended its longstanding platinum-level commitment to Vitamin Angels to now include Kids' One(TM) MultiStars Chewable Multivitamin/Mineral in addition to Prenatal One(TM), Prenatal Petite(TM) Mini-Tabs and Complete Prenatal System(TM). Rainbow Light will make an in-kind donation for every bottle of Kids' One(TM) purchased, sending critical nutritional support to children in need across the world via Vitamin Angels' Thrive to Five Program.

In its ongoing effort to provide life-saving nutrition for at-risk children, Rainbow Light is among the first natural supplement brands to commit to Vitamin Angels' Unconventional Angels project. The project will provide critical dietary supplements for up to four million children worldwide, protecting them from blindness caused by vitamin A deficiency, and reducing child mortality by as much as 23 percent. Organized by Vitamin Angels, and in partnership with the Organic Trade Association and The Organic Center, the Unconventional Angels project will distribute one million coupon books to leading natural product retailers throughout the U.S. this October. The project enables consumers to save money on their favorite natural brands while improving the lives of children worldwide.

"Rainbow Light is proud to contribute to the health of children globally and is thrilled to participate in another opportunity with Vitamin Angels," said Rainbow Light President Linda Kahler. "Over the years our customers have helped us donate millions of supplements to women and children who desperately need them."

Rainbow Light's Kids' One(TM) MultiStars are tasty chewable tablets that provide effective potencies of essential vitamins and minerals in bioavailable forms to help prevent deficiency and promote healthy physical growth and cognitive development. They also supply nourishing vegetable concentrates and live probiotic cultures to support immunity and healthy digestion. Kids' One(TM) is available at Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide and online at www.rainbowlight.com and www.vitaminshoppe.com.

Every year, 670,000 children under age five die and another 350,000 become blind due to vitamin A deficiency. An additional 136,000 women and children die annually as a result of iron-deficiency anemia and nearly half a million deaths in children under five are caused by zinc deficiency.(1) Kids' One(TM) provides the daily recommended amounts of these key nutrients, improving immune function and supporting health.

The story of Suyapa, the oldest of five children whose parents died of AIDS in Las Varas, Honduras, illustrates the difference multivitamin supplementation and dietary education can make in a child's life. At age eight, Suyapa and her four siblings were left to live with a grandmother and an aunt with five children of her own in a tiny mud-stick house with little food and no clean water. When Cristo Salva, one of Vitamin Angels' field partners, met Suyapa, her stomach was distended from parasites and her hair had started to fall out from malnutrition. Suyapa and her siblings were given vitamins, and the entire family was educated about diet and provided with food. Thanks to her improved diet and daily multivitamin supplements, Suyapa is now a healthy and active 14-year-old.

Rainbow Light has been working with Vitamin Angels since 1994, developing an award-winning donation program to help stamp-out prenatal malnutrition worldwide. In 2008, the company donated over 2,350,000 prenatal multivitamin tablets, reaching women and children in 12 different countries, including the United States. In 2009, Rainbow Light will donate an estimated three million tablets to Vitamin Angels programs.

Vitamin Angels' Thrive to Five Campaign is now operating in 50 major cities in the United States and in developing countries on four continents. The program gives children under five the first vital step to excel physically and cognitively, rather than simply survive their key developmental years. Thrive to Five has reached over 182,000 children, to date, this year.


(1) Investing in the Future: A United Call to Action on Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies, UNICEF/Micronutrient Initiative/World Health Organization, 2009.

About Rainbow Light(R) Nutritional Systems, Inc.:

Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, a leader and innovator in natural nutrition since 1981, is best known as the manufacturer of the No. 1 selling natural multivitamin line, Just Once(R), and the No. 1 selling prenatal line, Prenatal One(TM). The Santa Cruz-based company is dedicated to delivering bio-balanced(TM) all-natural food-based formulas that are potent and absorption-enhanced.

In every product, Rainbow Light combines research-based optimal potencies and highly bioavailable complementary nutrient forms with energizing whole foods, botanicals and digestive support for increased energy and utilization with no stomach upset. These proven potencies, produced to the highest quality standards of purity and safety and delivered in a gentle, natural food base, offer consumers superior value and a difference they can feel and, in the case of canines, see. Rainbow Light formulas target both general and specific health concerns for women, men, seniors, children and their canine companions while building a foundation for overall wellness. Rainbow Light integrates the best of medical research with respected traditions of health and wellness to nurture all systems of the body.

In February 2009, Rainbow Light expanded into the pet nutrition category with its new line of all-natural pet supplements, GreenDog Naturals(TM). For more information on Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, call 1-800-571-4701 or visit www.rainbowlight.com or www.greendognaturals.com.

About Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels is dedicated to reducing child mortality worldwide by advancing availability, access and use of essential micronutrients, especially vitamin A, to newborns, infants and children under five. In 2009, Vitamin Angels will connect over 10,000,000 children in over 30 countries, including the U.S., with the vital nutrients they need as a foundation for good health. To learn more about the problem of global malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, and Vitamin Angels' solution for change, visit www.vitaminangels.org.

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