SMA Nutrition’s Helpsheets Offer Advice to Parents about Digestive Care

Research by SMA Nutrition reveals baby and toddler tummy troubles – including constipation, wind and diarrhea – are a top worry for parents of young children

Tummy Trouble Help Sheets available on the SMA website at:

Almost two thirds (60%) of parents* feel 'helpless' when they're unable to settle their baby due to tummy troubles - including diarrhea (, constipation (, and wind ( - according to research from SMA Nutrition (, which is why these helpsheets have been developed.

Some examples of the topics available:

What are parent's main concerns around tummy troubles?

The causes of babies' tummy troubles are a mystery to over a quarter (26%) of parents who are often confused about 'old wives tales' versus sound medical advice. The research revealed parents top concerns about their little ones to be:

Tummy troubles such as wind, constipation or diarrhoea ( - (76%) too little or too much – (41%) – (31%)
– Baby crying too much – (23%)

Troubled Tummies a Frequent Worry

Over two thirds (64%) of parents say their baby experiences tummy troubles at least once a month, yet only a quarter (25%) feel they know how to resolve the problem. For over a third (36%) of parents surveyed, troubled tummies disturb their baby's routine, and one in ten (11%) parents are tempted to change their baby's feeding routine immediately to alleviate the problem. A quarter (25%) of parents would like more information about troubled tummies.

Bev Rolls, midwife from SMA Nutrition's ( Expert Panel notes "If your baby is suffering, it's only natural to feel like you want to do something to help, but making sudden and immediate changes to their routine may not be the answer. Before making a sudden change seek advice from a healthcare professional. Parents can also call the SMA Careline ( or log-on for further information."

Where can parents find more information about infant tummy troubles?

For further help and advice parents can also call the SMA Careline ( on 0800-0-81-81-80 (freephone):

    - Open 8am-6pm Mon -Fri with a 24 hour out of hours service.
contact methods are also available advisors are all mums themselves, supported by an
      expert team of healthcare professionals and nutritionists, so you
      can be confident the information you receive is up-to-date and

Find out more about SMA Nutrition

( at

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    *Research conducted by OnePoll with 1,000 parents on 23rd March 2010
    For more information or to arrange an SMA expert, please contact:
    - Anna Golding, [email protected], +44(0)207-025-6555
    - Gillian Crawshaw, [email protected], +44(0)207-520-9532
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