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Stephen Adelé, Challenges Local Denver Police Department to Shape Up and Lose Weight


[GOLDEN, CO] Stephen Adelé, CEO of ISATORI supplement company and Editor-in-Chief of Real SOLUTIONS magazine, challenges the local Denver Police Department to get in “tip-top shape”… and offers them $1 for every pound of bodyfat they lose!

That’s right! Earlier this year, Stephen challenged the Denver Police Department to “get on the Plan”… to build great-looking muscle, lose as much bodyfat as possible, and develop a renewed sense of strength and confidence. In return, he offered to buy their fat for $1 per pound.

Over the course of 12 weeks, following Stephen’s Lean System Success Plan, the 110 participants who took up his challenge lost over 2,000 combined pounds of bodyfat.

For their spectacular efforts, on May 15, Stephen donated a check to the Denver Police Officer’s Foundation Outreach Program (in return for their fat) and awarded the top male and female winners of the Police Department a trip to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, where they can show off their new bodies. “There’s no greater gift for me, and my company, than being able to recognize those who have made extraordinary achievements—such as these officers,” commented Stephen Adele. He goes on to explain, “Their commitment to eating healthy and regularly exercising will form new habits that will last a lifetime, and even more importantly, the changes each of them has experienced on the outside are a mere reflection of the changes that have taken place on the inside.”

As a result of the donation from Stephen Adele and ISATORI, Denver Police Officer, Joseph Bini, exclaimed, “Organizing our Lean System Fitness Challenge allowed me to help others in law enforcement to discover all the wonders of being fit and eating healthy. I love to hear each and every success story and share in the joy each of my new friends discover as a result of getting fit. Officer Bini goes on to say, “after recovering from cancer, I have found that this is wonderful therapy for me.”

How did they do it? In three easy steps: First, they decided they needed to improve their bodies… next they followed Stephen’s Lean System Success Plan, eating healthy and smart and exercising more regularly… and finally they relied on ISATORI’s expert support staff to help answer their questions and provide support every step of the way!

iSatori was founded in early 2002 to provide intelligent nutritional products and complete dietary and exercise solutions. iSatori recently received the industry's NBJ Gold Award for Growth in Small Companies category. In addition to its clinically tested Lean System 7® and ENERGIZE™, iSatori’s products include Meta-CEL™, a muscle-builder supplement drink mix introduced in 2003; and Eat-Smart®, a meal-replacement protein shake launched in 2004; ISA-TEST™, the male testosterone formula; and they've most recently launched H+Blocker™, which the company believes will overtake the recent success of the popular sports supplement creatine. For more information, visit:

At only 34 years old, Stephen Adele has been helping individuals from all walks of life create measurable results in their physiques and performance over the last 15 years and has rapidly become a respected authority. He has published several fitness related books, including The Lean System Success Plan; Maximum Growth, Vol. I & II; The 21-Day Ultimate Energy Plan; as well as numerous articles for magazines around the world, been quoted in several trade publications, appeared on radio shows, conducted seminars around the globe, and is the CEO of the prestigious supplement manufacturer, ISATORI, and is Editor-in-Chief for Real SOLUTIONS magazine.

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