Study: Astaxanthin Prevents the Onset Of Asthenopia

Mount Laurel, NJ, September 25, 2006 - Fuji Health Science, Inc. (, an American subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Toyama, Japan announced today the publication of the ninth (9th) clinical study on AstaReal® astaxanthin for the reduction of asthenopia (eye fatigue). The effects of astaxanthin on eyestrain induced by accommodative dysfunction were investigated at the University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Department of Ophthalmology, Japan. Results showed a significant improvement in the astaxanthin supplemented group over the placebo group.

Dr. Vincent Wood, international marketing manager of Fuji Chemical explains, "This study is significant in that it targets prevention of eye fatigue as opposed to treatment.... In addition, this eye study includes a cross-over method which further substantiates astaxanthin’s properties in the prevention and treatment of eye fatigue."

This study is the ninth in a series of human clinicals performed with AstaReal astaxanthin showing efficacy for this growing health concern. In the age of increasing use of screen based equipment and entertainment, asthenopia is experienced by a growing number of people.

According to Charles DePrince, president of Fuji Health Science, "I see this study area for astaxanthin as representing an opportunity for the nutritional industry. Longer term issues such as AMD have been addressed by the industry as a whole, however, the more immediate and chronic issue of eye fatigue has been ignored. I believe the opportunity exists to broaden the eye care market."

Other areas of study on astaxanthin that Fuji is actively pursuing include cardiovascular, weight management, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Fuji Chemical also holds seven patents for astaxanthin in the human application areas of inflammation, muscle endurance, immune system, dyspepsia, mastitis, fertility and H-pylori, as well as numerous pending patents. Fuji is the leading producer of natural astaxanthin for human nutritional use in the world with state of the art cultivation and production facilities in Maui, Hawaii and Gustavsberg, Sweden. Fuji’s astaxanthin products, AstaReal and AstaCarox, are approved for use in nutritional supplementation in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, as well as other markets worldwide.

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