Study Proves Administration of PhosphoLean™ (N-Oleyl-Phosphatidylethanolamine and EGCG) Improves Diet Compliance, Insulin Resistance, Depressive Symptoms and Binge Eating Associated With Dieting

White Bear Lake, MN – A study published by Dr. Mariangela Rondanelli, University of Pavia, Italy, in the July 2008 issue of the prestigious British Journal of Nutrition, proves that PhosphoLean™ NOPE + EGCG can significantly improve a person’s ability to stay on their stressful diet and successfully lose weight. Clearly, it has been shown that one third of dieters drop off their diets in the crucial first few weeks, and as a result, they experience little if any success. It is well known that in any long term diet, patient compliance is crucial to the successful treatment of obesity.

The study involving 138 overweight and obese men and women on an eight week low calorie diet, showed that the PhosphoLean™ NOPE + EGCG group experienced only a 6% drop out rate vs. a 27% drop out rate for the placebo group. In addition, the treatment group had improved insulin resistance, greater feelings of fullness, decreased depressive symptoms, and decreased binge eating feelings, all at statistically significant levels.

Scott Hagerman, president of Chemi Nutra said, “A recently published meta-analysis of one to four year randomized controlled trials of several well known diet compounds resulted in average weight reductions of less than 5 kg, even though the studies preselected subjects for their ability to adhere to the treatments. Due to the high stress of the hypo-caloric diets, both depression rates and attrition rates were very,very high, thus compromising the validity of the studies. In contrast, our PhosphoLean™ NOPE + EGCG was proven to safely and effectively help dieters stay on their diets, and in addition provided several other major physiological benefits. With the overweightness and obesity epidemics that threaten life expectancy and quality of life in the U.S., our PhosphoLean™ NOPE + EGCG specialty ingredient will hopefully help many people to better manage their bodyweight and lead a healthier lifestyle.”

The mode of action for PhosphoLean™ NOPE + EGCG is based on the active compound N-oleyl-ethanolamine (NOE), a newly discovered lipid mediator liberated from NOPE upon ingestion. NOE binds to a unique cell receptor class called peroxisome-proliferator-activated receptor-α (PPAR-α) found in the intestinal tract. These receptors, when activated, signal the brain center to decrease appetite and hence reduce food intake, leading to eventual loss of bodyweight. Currently there is a tremendous amount of research and development in this arena involving the manipulation of appetite via this intriguing cell-signaling mechanism.

Chemi Nutra is the US business unit of parent company Chemi S.p.A., a privately held pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company based in Milan, Italy. Chemi, with cGMP certified manufacturing facilities in Italy and Brazil, is best known in the US nutritional arena for its introduction of phosphatidylserine (PS), the popular dietary supplement which has been granted two health claims by the FDA, and is used to enhance learning, memory, and concentration.

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