TSI Health Sciences' PEAK ATP® Key Ingredient in Gaspari Nutrition’s PlasmaJet(TM) Sports Product Launch

-PlasmaJet first sports product of its kind to innovate the sports industry’s mega NO market with dual mechanism approach-

MISSOULA, Mont. - September 21, 2007 – Sports product innovator Gaspari Nutrition has announced the launch of PlasmaJet™, the first sports product of its kind to innovate the sports industry’s established mega NO (nitric oxide) market utilizing a synergistic approach. By combining TSI Health Sciences' (TSI) PEAK ATP® with Arginine, the combination of these two clinically proven ingredients provides a dual mechanism to promote NO production like no other product on the market.

PlasmaJet™ will launch at the Olympia show in Las Vegas next week (September 27-30) at the Orleans Arena and Las Vegas Convention Center.

Rich Gaspari, CEO of of Gaspari Nutrition explains, "ATP is responsible for virtually all metabolic processes in living organisms. It is responsible for regulating every physiological activity through its interactions with receptors. But in addition to being the base fuel source for human life, ATP also has some very interesting, if not unique NO/vasodilatory properties too." Gaspari continues, "ATP has been demonstrated to increase vasodilation by stimulating endogenous NO synthesis in striated muscle (the kind of muscle found in your biceps and deltoids for example). ATP has been shown to enhance the delivery of oxygen, glucose and other nutrients to working skeletal muscles (those biceps and shoulders again!). ATP “works” at “giving you a massive pump” by increasing NO synthesis, NO independent prostacyclin dilation (PG12) and NO independent EDHF (endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor ) synthesis among other things."

We're very excited about this introduction timed to be a highlight of the Olympia show next week in Las Vegas," Gaspari concludes.

"This is a huge opportunity for us to enter the sports nutrition category, TSI President Larry Kolb observes. "The use of ATP and Arginine together provides a unique combination that sets the stage for the next generation of sports nutrition products. PlasmaJet will enhance blood flow and boost the body’s natural ATP pools that are the body’s primary source of fuel for energy. "

Gaspari and Kolb are also excited about this collaboration among sector leaders. Gaspari, a former world class bodybuilder, Mr. Universe, Arnold classic winner and 3-time runner up in the Mr. Olympia, and the company he founded, are recognized innovators in their field. TSI, with President Kolb at the helm, is emerging as a leader in the development and production of high-end ingredients for the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

About Gaspari Nutrition
In just a few years, Gaspari Nutrition has become one of the fastest growing companies in the sports nutrition and diet category. Former world class bodybuilder Rich Gaspari’s approach, though novel to industry standards, has been to introduce the most useful and effective products in their respective categories while backing up these products with real and unbiased independent research. In this regard, Gaspari Nutrition continues to set the new benchmark for innovation and efficacy in an industry overwrought with self-serving profiteers by offering its formulas to an eager and growing sports nutrition public. Founded in 1998 with offices in Lakewood New Jersey, the Gaspari Nutrition line of products is distributed worldwide and is one of the top selling brands in General Nutrition Center (GNC) and Vitamin Shoppe nationwide.

About TSI Health Sciences
TSI Health Sciences, www.tsiinc.com, has evolved throughout the last decade to focus primarily on in-house, high-end ingredient production and has become a leading developer, producer and marketer of nutraceutical ingredients to the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. With US operations based in Missoula, Mont., TSI was founded in 1996 and has offices worldwide, including a 60-acre, fully integrated manufacturing, research, quality assurance and quality control campus in Jiangyin, China. The company’s comprehensive product range includes botanical, marine and natural product extracts, as well as synthesized compounds. TSI guarantees full-service cGMP manufacturing through TSI Manufacturing Systems, with divisions specializing in small and large-scale botanical and natural product extraction, large-scale chemical synthesis production and secondary processing capabilities


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