User-Friendly Protein Fortification From Glanbia Nutritionals

Improvements in taste and texture, technological advances and consumers’ changing lifestyles have accelerated growth in the protein beverage market. In high acid beverages however, pH levels have limited the functionality of whey protein and restricted the opportunities for new product development. Glanbia Nutritionals now offers a solution. Provon™ A -190 is a whey protein isolate system offering maximum functionality in low pH drinks while improving overall flavor.

Provon A - 190 offers manufacturers the freedom to develop on-trend products with a lower pH. By cutting down on acid burn and astringency, Provon A - 190 reduces the need for acid maskers, flavors additives and sweeteners. The product’s taste-enhancing qualities also improve the organoleptic profile of protein beverages to appeal to a wider range of consumers including athletes, children and the elderly.

“Companies like Starbucks and Kellogg’s are now bringing protein-rich beverages to mainstream consumers”, comments Max Maxwell, market analyst, Glanbia Nutritionals. “More than ever, the food industry recognizes protein as a value-adding ingredient. Demand for ingredients that make it easier to innovate is at a high, and by eliminating the processing obstacles associated with high protein drinks, we’re giving beverage marketers an opportunity to tap into this lucrative trend.”

Glanbia Nutritionals, a division of Glanbia plc, is an innovator in the expert delivery of science-led ingredients and customized solutions for a broad range of industries. These include functional foods and beverages, performance nutrition, weight management, health & wellness, and personal care.

For more information about Glanbia Nutritionals and its ingredients, please contact Eric Borchardt, Marketing Manager, at (608) 329-2800 or visit

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