Wellmune WGP® Reduced Cold-Like Symptoms in Marathon Runners

Wellmune runners reported better overall health, increased vigor and decreased tension

Study published in Journal of Sports Science and Medicine

EAGAN, MN – December 14, 2009 – A natural food ingredient called Wellmune WGP® significantly reduced upper respiratory tract infection symptoms in marathon runners while increasing vigor and overall health, according to a study published in the December issue of the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled study included 75 runners (35 men, 40 women) ages 18-53 (mean age 36 years) from the 2007 Carlsbad Marathon in California. During the four-week period following the marathon, subjects consumed Wellmune WGP, a unique functional food, beverage and supplement ingredient from Biothera, a Minnesota biotechnology company.

Wellmune WGP is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Clinical research demonstrates that Wellmune WGP activates neutrophils, the most abundant immune cell in the body, to more quickly recognize and kill foreign challenges. Previous published research shows that physical and psychological stress reduces key immune system components, weakening immune defenses and rendering individuals more susceptible to health challenges.

“The data demonstrates the ability of Wellmune WGP to naturally enhance the body’s immune system, resulting in broad protection from stress-induced health challenges,” said Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., research director for SupplementWatch, Inc., and the study’s principal investigator. “These health benefits aren’t limited to elite athletes; average consumers under daily stress can strengthen their immune systems with Wellmune WGP.”

“The study results provide further support for companies that are marketing or formulating foods and beverages with Wellmune WGP,” said Richard Mueller, Biothera chief executive officer. “Consumers want products that deliver real health benefits, and clinical studies consistently demonstrate that Wellmune WGP is safe and efficacious.”

Study Results: Physical Health
The physical health results demonstrated a significant decrease in upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms at two and four weeks for subjects taking 250 mg of Wellmune WGP daily. The most common URTI symptoms reported were sore throat, stuffy or runny nose and cough.

Incidence of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms*
Placebo Group Wellmune WGP Group
Week 2 68% 32%
Week 4 24% 8%
*(P < 0.05)

Study Results: Psychological Well-being
When asked how the supplement regimen was affecting their overall health, participants consuming 250 mg of Wellmune WGP daily reported 38% higher scores compared with the placebo group. In addition, the Wellmune subjects reported significantly better scores on a variety of mood states, including a:

• 22% increase in vigor **

• 48% reduction in fatigue

• 38% reduction in tension

• 38% reduction in confusion

**500 mgs Wellmune WGP

The study employed a Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire, a validated psychometric test that measures six moods states (vigor, fatigue, tension, confusion, depression and anger) using 65 adjective-based intensity scales. The POMS profile has been used in more than 2,900 health studies.

“The marathoners taking Wellmune WGP experienced fewer symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections so their energy levels and general sense of wellness were higher than the placebo group,” said Talbott. “Wellmune WGP supports both physical health and a general sense of well-being.”

About Wellmune WGP®
Wellmune WGP® is a natural ingredient that is clinically proven to enhance key immune cells that are the body’s first line of defense. Available in numerous foods, beverages and supplement products worldwide, Wellmune WGP activates innate immune cells to more quickly find and kill foreign challenges. Wellmune WGP is Generally Regarded As Safe under regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is patented, Kosher, Halal, non-allergenic and GMO-free. The ingredient is recipient of an IFT Innovation Award and a Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Research Award. Wellmune WGP is a product of Biothera, a U.S. biotechnology company dedicated to improving immune health. www.wellmune.com

About SupplementWatch, Inc.
SupplementWatch, Inc. was founded in 1999 in response to the growing public confusion, hype and controversy surrounding nutrition and dietary supplements. Its aim is to clarify information about dietary supplements and provide consumers with timely, relevant and balanced advice to help them make informed decisions. The SupplementWatch team consists of a growing network of scientists, physiologists, nutritionists and other health professionals dedicated to educating people about the pros and cons of dietary supplementation. Website: www.supplementwatch.com <http://www.supplementwatch.com> .

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