What the Drug Companies Won't Tell You – And Your Doctor Doesn't know

Synthetic pharmaceutical drugs are not the answer to America’s health-care woes. Michael Murray, ND, makes the case at Expo West

Michael Murray, ND, provided red meat for those who subscribe to the conspiracy theory that Big Pharma both exaggerates the benefits of its prescription drugs and undermining the natural products industry.

Speaking at Natural Products Expo West on Saturday, Murray spoke of the conflicts of interest that abound in medical journals and the Faustian bargain that allows pharmaceutical drugs throughout American society.

“Americans ingest over 40 percent of all prescription drugs made in the world, yet America ranks 42nd in the world in terms of life expectancy,” said Murray. Drug companies are pervasive in controlling our medical choices. The price we pay is a reliance on these drugs and great profit for these companies.”

Murray cited the example of statin drugs, which lower cholesterol levels and which are routinely prescribed for patients at risk for cardiovascular disease. In making his case, he did not even mention how statin drugs deplete the body of CoQ10, an increasingly popular natural nutrient that powers energy and accumulates in the heart. “Eighty percent of people receiving statin drugs are receiving them because of the marketing efforts of drug companies and not the science,” he said. “There are no studies that show statins are effective for women. Fifty people have to be treated with statins for a minumum of ten years to prevent one heart attack.”

Murray noted that fish oils can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by more than 50 percent at 1,000mg per day DHA and EPA. He said the natural branded ingredient Sytrinol has been shown to lower cholesterol at levels equivalent to statin drugs. And another branded ingredient, PGX, at 1,500mg with meals, can flat-line blood-sugar levels.

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