Whole Grain Intake and CVD and Diabetes Review Presented at Whole Grain Global Summit

Dr. Michael Falk, LSRO Executive Director presented at the Cereals & Europe Spring Meeting 2009 Whole Grain Global Summit held March 25-27, 2009. Dr. Falk was asked to provide his valuable insight specifically on the topic of “Evaluating the Effect of Applying the FDA definition of Whole Grains to Health Claims for Risk Reduction of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes.”

At the request of the Kellogg Company the Life Sciences Research Office, Inc. conducted an independent review of the scientific literature to evaluate the effect of applying the FDA definition of whole grains on the strength of scientific evidence in support of whole-grains health claims for risk reduction of CVD and diabetes.

To access the full LSRO report commissioned by Kellogg’s please click here http://www.lsro.org/articles/wholeGrainIntake.html.

Dr. Falk’s presentation given in Newcastle can be accessed by clicking here http://www.lsro.org/articles/wholeGrain2_pr.pdf.

About LSRO
For more than 45 years, the Life Sciences Research Office, Inc. (LSRO) has provided expert scientific evaluation, advice and services to the government and private sectors. Highly regarded for its distinctive approach, the suburban Washington, DC-based LSRO taps the knowledge of the scientific community to direct global leaders to intelligent, science-based decisions. LSRO offers a flexible portfolio of services and publications that are timely, accurate and unbiased. To learn more, visit HTTP://WWW.LSRO.ORG/.

About The Whole Grain Global Summit
The aim of the C&E Spring Meeting 2009 – Whole Grain Global Summit is to contribute to the discussion and inform policy makers with a state of the art and interactive program, presented by leading experts from industry and the academic world. http://www.cerealsandeurope.net/springmeeting/

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