WIN Introduces a New & Improved WIN CoQ10(TM)

Wellness International Network introduces a more powerful WIN CoQ10(TM), which helps promote heart health and energy production.

Wellness International Network's new formula includes a patent-pending, crystal free technology, WIN-CFT(TM), which provides a clearer appearance and improves CoQ10's absorption rate within the body. Because this technology requires half as much oil solution, the new WIN CoQ10(TM) soft gel is smaller in size and still contains 50 milligrams of ubiquinol.

WIN CoQ10(TM) now contains a versatile antioxidant called alpha lipoic acid (ALA) to help extend CoQ10's energy production benefits. This ubiquinol form and ALA act as active antioxidants protecting the body's cells from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. WIN CoQ10(TM) also helps maintain healthy blood pressure and promote a healthy circulatory and immune system.

"My father-in-law has seen a great benefit in maintaining his blood pressure from using WIN CoQ10," shares Sander from Amsterdam.

Ralph Oats and Wellness International Network also offer an opportunity to share WIN's products including top-selling weight management line, BioLean(R) System, ultimate energy drink Sugar-free Winrgy(R) and highly concentrated omega-3 supplement WINOmeg3complex(TM).

About Wellness International Network, Ltd. (WIN)

A privately held company specializing in health and nutritional products, Wellness International Network, Ltd. is headquartered in Plano, Texas, with its European affiliate, WIN Worldwide BV, located in Hoofddorp, Holland. Its South African affiliate, Wellness International Network S.A. (Pty) Limited, is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, and WIN Worldwide Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. is located in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Founded in 1992 by Ralph Oats and his wife, Cathy, WIN operates in many countries throughout North America, Europe and Africa, and is far and away the forefront leader in global network marketing. Management Team 500 Magazine recently selected Wellness International Network as a Top 500 company. WIN's complete nutritional line is listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference(R) (PDR(R)) for Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements, the authoritative reference for health care professionals for decades. In the Netherlands, WIN's products are listed in the Z-Index, a database of products associated with the public pharmacy, used by doctors, pharmacists, businesses and government. Serious athletes are delighted to learn that WIN Worldwide BV participates in the Netherlands Security System Nutritional Supplements Top Elite Sports [NZVT] system; for additional information click here. Learn more about why "It Pays to Live Well" at

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