4 personal care trends to look for at Expo West 2011

4 personal care trends to look for at Expo West 2011

Natural and organic personal care sales bounced back in 2010, according to Schaumburg, Ill-based market research firm SPINS, and now with the economy trending upward and more consumers wanting to reduce their toxin loads, demand for natural and organic PC seems set to surge.

Next in natural and organic personal care
This year promises to be an exciting one for the natural and organic PC industry. With consumers starting to loosen their pocketbooks, new companies popping up and mainstream manufacturers moving into the naturals space, the industry has to keep putting its best foot forward. From packaging innovation to green chemistry advances to transparency, transparency, transparency, see what’s on PC’s not-so-distant horizon.

Personal care ingredients good enough to eat
When cruising the Expo’s personal care section, you’ll notice that food products have hit the beauty aisles. Edible ingredients like antioxidant fruits, garden vegetables and essential fatty acids now abound in personal care, each offering unique benefits. As more customers want simple, natural ingredients, expect the food-based-beauty trend to stick. 

Standards, seals and certifications
Without a standardized, universal natural standard personal care, products are ablaze with various natural and organic seals. And now NSF International just launched a new natural standard last month. With Whole Foods Market’s mandate that all “organic” PC products sold at its stores must be certified organic by either the USDA or NSF/ANSI 30 taking effect in a few months, expect to see even more seals—and more prominently displayed seals—as well as updated branding and packaging. Here’s a pre-Expo cheat-sheet for what the most common seals mean.

Top products: Delicious Living magazine’s 2011 Beauty and Body Awards
See what the editors of NFM’s sister publication picked as the best natural personal care products in myriad categories—body lotion, shampoo, deodorant, toner, toothpaste and more. This list can help you scope potential products to stock in your store.

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