5 vegan beauty product picks

5 vegan beauty product picks

Try these five vegan beauty products for a personal care routine that doesn't include animal products.

Anti-aging cream: To avoid cow-derived collagen, common in anti-aging formulas, try L’uvalla Age-Defying Cream. Twelve natural oils, including vitamin E-rich argan, restore moisture and protect skin from free radical damage.

Application brushes: Apply foundation, eye shadow, blush, and eyeliner with Sevi’s brushes made from taklon, a great stand-in for animal hair.

Lip balm: Pucker up to Eco Lips Bee Free for an alternative to beeswax. The moisturizing lip balm uses a botanical base of organic oils, vegetable wax, and cocoa butter instead of beeswax.

Mascara: Try Beauty Without Cruelty’s beeswax-free black or brownish-black mascaras in full volume or waterproof to add texture and volume without using beeswax.

Soap: For a luxurious, milk-free lather, clean up with Hugo Naturals bar soaps, made with shea butter and botanical extracts in lieu of dairy-derived ingredients. Scents include red tea, geranium, and Mexican lime.

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