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ABB’s New Adrenalyn Shot® Packs Pure Performance Power

AURORA, ILLINOIS – MAY 28, 2008. Because the goal of many bodybuilders and strength athletes is to pack on lean muscle mass while keeping body fat to a minimum, American Body Building’s newest Concentrated High-Intensity Supplement is designed to promote pre-training energy and fire up the metabolism. A number of novel ingredients are at work in the exclusive proprietary formulation which includes beta-alanine to help hard training athletes exert greater effort longer in the gym.

“With 200 milligrams of caffeine plus yohimbe, tyrosine and three types of tea extracts, Adrenalyn Shot® helps enhance thermogenic energy along with the mental focus that serious athletes channel for training with intensity,” said Phil Brown, Food Scientist with ON in Aurora. “The relatively small 8-1/2-ounce serving size is another advantage, since carrying a lot of fluid in your stomach can be an unwanted distraction when working out.”

American Body Building has been ‘The Force in the Gym®’ since 1985. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Optimum Nutrition, ABB® manufactures a comprehensive line of Diet & Energy, Concentrated Shot, Power & Recovery, Hi-Protein, Hardcore Essentials and Pure Hydration products at its own cGMP-approved facilities. This assures that customers enjoy the very highest standards of quality and consistency

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For more information on American Body Building
or new Berry Buzz Adrenalyn Shot visit
Or contact Tim Weigard at 630-236-0097.
700 N. Commerce Street, Aurora, IL 60504

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