ABB's New Speed Shot Intensity

For athletes who need extra motivation to get going in the gym, or anyone who appreciates a stimulating late afternoon burst of energy, American Body Building’s new double-dose concentrated shot takes intensity to a whole new level. This supplement is designed to heighten alertness and increase thermogenesis with caffeine and Advandra Z® bitter orange extract, while beta alanine is included to support muscular endurance.

“In the gym, many of our customers appreciate stimulating supplements that don’t leave a lot of fluid sloshing around in their stomach. That tends to get in the way of intense training,” said Jay Jacobsen, ON’s Marketing Manager. “Speed Shot® Intensity is designed to provide lasting energy and alertness in a half-bottle serving size of just 4 ¼ ounces. Don’t let its size fool you. Our exclusive proprietary formulation also includes the powerful methylxanthines yerba mate, cacao and guarana. So this will kick your metabolism’s thermogenesis into high gear too.”

Since 1985, American Body Building has been recognized as the Force in the Gym™. A subsidiary of Optimum Nutrition, ABB® initiated the energy drink concept for gym athletes before it was recognized as a category. Today, the innovation and superior quality continue with a comprehensive line of powder, energy bar, liquid, tab and cap products manufactured to the highest standards in company owned and operated facilities.

For more information on American Body Building or new Speed Shot Intensity visit:

Or contact Tim Weigard at 630-236-0097.

700 N. Commerce Street, Aurora, IL 60504

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