Anti-aging market matures, offers new opportunities

Anti-aging market matures, offers new opportunities

World War II ended over 65 years ago. The Baby Boom has marched into maturity. According to Nielsen, 10,000 people will turn 65 every day in the United States from now until 2030. And though they may be rapidly aging, Boomers are looking to keep their eyes, hearts, skin, brains, bones and joints young. This trend has already buoyed anti-aging products to their current sales strength, and the outlook for the future is sunny and bright.

As Boomers reluctantly march towards retirement, they will want to stay active and do all the things they once did—hike, bike, run, garden, travel. In other words, despite flat sales in recent years for glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, joint care still has room to grow. They want to look younger—French maritime pine bark. They want to read, watch movies, and gaze proudly upon their grandchildren—lutein. They don’t want to expire early—fish oil, resveratrol. They want a regular life – probiotics, soluble fiber.

Fi: How do you see the market progressing in the coming year?

Angela Lee Tsetsis, President and CEO at Fluxome

Consumers need to understand clearly what resveratrol can do for them. When we deliver this message properly and with the right scientific evidence, I am confident they will buy the product. I also believe this market prefers natural products that are sustainably produced without contaminants and from sources they can trust and understand. Companies like ours who can deliver this will realize a premium and have the best opportunity for growth.


Fi: What is the key driver or category for this condition?

ALT: Baby Boomers want to preserve their health and fitness for as long as possible. They are looking for natural and safe ways to age successfully.


Fi: How does your ingredient fit into the overall healthy-aging picture?

ALT: Fluxome offers resveratrol from a safe, natural, and pure source that is sustainably produced from yeast. It is a highly concentrated way to deliver the benefits of red wine without the risks of contaminants or lower concentrations in lower-end products.


Fi: In your opinion, where is the biggest opportunity for growth in the anti-aging/healthy-aging market?

ALT: We need to capture the attention of Baby Boomers through focusing on healthy aging and proving good scientific benefits. Other product attributes like “all natural,” “sustainably produced,” and “high concentration” will also drive growth. 

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Anderson Global Group LLC


Montmorency Tart Cherries have been the subject of more than 50 clinical studies making tart cherries perhaps today’s hottest “Super Fruit.” Research has linked tart cherries to anti-inflammatory benefits, reduced pain from gout and arthritis, and reduction of post-exercise muscle and joint pain. CherryPURE is the premier tart cherry ingredient option in the marketplace.


[email protected]

Irvine, California


BioCell Technology LLC

BioCell Collagen 

Substantiated by four human clinical trials, BioCell Collagen is a highly differentiated ingredient containing a naturally occurring matrix of hydrolyzed collagen, low molecular weight HA and chondroitin sulfate. It harbors biological properties such as chondrocyte stimulation and hyaluronidase inhibition, which are instrumental in comprehensively promoting both joint health and skin beauty.


[email protected] 

Newport Beach, California 


Bioenergy Life Science Inc.

Bioenergy Ribose 

A randomized, placebo controlled trial of Baby Boomers complaining of persistent fatigue, showed that Bioenergy Ribose reinvigorated them, gave them new energy and greater exercise tolerance. Subjects were given 3g doses twice per day of either Bioenergy Ribose or Dextrose. The Bioenergy Ribose-supplemented group improved in three major measures of fitness and exercise tolerance, key to overcoming fatigue.


[email protected] 

Andover, Minnesota


Biotropics Malaysia 



BI Nutraceuticals




Wellmune WGP

Aging can reduce responsiveness and diminish the effectiveness of the immune system. Wellmune WGP is a natural immune health ingredient that safely primes immune cells that help keep the body healthy. Nine clinical research trials consistently demonstrate Wellmune’s ability to reduce upper respiratory tract infection symptoms and improve overall health.


[email protected]

Eagan, Minnesota




ProC3G is a cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G) from a natural source of black rice, and is 40% C3G by weight, with an additional 5% other anthocyanins. It contains 10 times more C3G than the leading standardized bilberry extract. C3G has been associated with health benefits such as weight loss, antioxidants, anti-aging and eye health. 

pTeroPure Pterostilbene


[email protected]

Irvine, California


NP Nutra 

XandraPure, organic high-grade Schisandra extract

MoquiForza, free-drized maqui berry
MangosteenRoyale, 10:1 standardized mangosteen extract

CranPhyto, freeze-dried, whole cranberry powder


NutraGenesis LLC


Wellberry is a patent-pending antioxidant complex of Indian Gooseberry superfruit extract and a proprietary vitamin C ingredient called Transport C-Plus that has enhanced bioavailability, longevity, and effectiveness in the body.


[email protected]

Brattleboro, Vermont


Sabsinsa Corp.


The antioxidant benefits of the fruit extract of Emblica officinalis Gaertn (Euphorbiaceae), commonly known in India as amla (Indian gooseberry), a super fruit and rasayana herb from the Ayurvedic tradition, are now authenticated using a valid biomarker.


[email protected]

East Windsor, New Jersey


Xsto Solutions LLC

Carno-Life L-Carnosine

From Hamari Chemicals this is a pharma-grade preparation of L-carnosine. A dipeptide of beta-alanine and histidine, carnosine has long been studied for its anti-aging benefits. By reducing molecular cross-linking, binding with potentially harmful carbonyl groups and contributing significant antioxidant benefits, Carno-Life is ideal for anti-aging formulations.

[email protected]


Morristown, New Jersey

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